10 Ways You Can Use ed-tech in Your Classroom

Nowadays, children are very much fond of using apps and smartphones. This is because they are so interested in learning new technologies. Incorporating ed-tech in your classroom may make your students more focused on their studies and increase student engagement. Let us look at the ten ways we can use ed-tech in classrooms

Game-based learning technology

Children love to play games for a prolonged period without getting bored. If we use gaming in education, they will never find it boring to learn. There are a lot of websites available nowadays that provide learning games, quizzes, and puzzles. In some game-based learning platforms, you can create customized quizzes on a topic and make your students answer them. Playful learning improves students’ education in the classroom, and they would never feel exhausted if they learn playfully. 

Using video lectures

You can find teaching class videos on almost every topic on video streaming platforms like YouTube. Instead of teaching everything yourself, use videos from YouTube or TeacherTube. Those videos may contain a few elements like animations, images, graphs, etc., which may grab your students’ attention to listen attentively. In addition, using visual aids and audio-visual aids in classrooms positively impacts your students’ performance. 

Use live video conferencing 

Technology allows us to make live video conferencing with enormous participants at once. If you know someone from another school, a professional who is an expert in a specific subject, you can contact them and ask them to provide a live session for your students. Your class students would love to interact with someone away from your school and discuss particular topics. Professionals sharing their experiences in their field will be fruitful for your students, and they would feel it inspiring conversing with them. 

Adopting Learning Management Systems(LMS)

Learning Management Systems enable you to manage all the classroom activities using a single app. With LMS, you can create assessments, track students’ performance and behavior, manage their attendance, send reports to their parents, and do more class management activities. These systems exist to ease your work and minimize your efforts. You can spend more time teaching or with your students rather than managing tedious classroom activities. Read more about the benefits of LMS here.

Making presentations 

Using presentations for teaching has been in practice for a very long period. However, making presentations dumped only with words and large paragraphs doesn’t keep your students active. Instead, create attractive presentation slides using pictures, short videos, sound effects, graphs, charts, animations, etc. Slides with these engaging multimedia elements will make your students listen without getting bored for an extended time. 

Using podcasts 

Nowadays, we can find a lot of informative podcasts on platforms like Spotify. Playing podcasts is one of the newest methods of incorporating educational technology into your teaching that helps your students to expand their knowledge. Try to play podcasts made by authors, professionals, and professors sharing their thoughts, experiences, and beneficial information in your classroom. This method improves the listening skill of your students and enhances their focus. 

Take them for a virtual trip

Subjects like history and geography contain information about various landmarks on this earth. Students will be amazed if they experience those places in real-time. Google cardboard enables you to make a virtual field trip for your students to get an innovative learning experience. Your students can explore those places virtually and analyze their features by sitting in their classrooms. 

Encouraging your students to write blogs 

On sites like WordPress, students can write their blogs and host them. Blog writing helps to improve language skills, and your students will develop their proficiency in writing. Instead of wasting your students’ writing skills on paper and going unnoticed, publish them as blogs and make them appreciated by people. By doing so, students will be motivated to write a lot and may become passionate about writing in the future. 

Online calendar for tracking noteworthy dates 

Use an online calendar for tracking and managing important dates such as assessment dates, project submission dates, etc. Using online calendars makes you stay organized and reminds you of the dates. In addition, teachers conducting online classes will find online calendars more beneficial for sharing meeting links by synchronizing the meeting and calendar app.

Using online mindmaps 

Sometimes, students may need to create mindmaps to brainstorm with their peers. To save time, you can encourage your students to brainstorm digitally using the online mindmap building websites. These websites enable them to save time and create digital mindmaps more effectively than written ones. In addition, this technique provides a problem-based learning experience for your students

To wrap up

Incorporating educational technologies in your classroom provides an innovative learning experience for your students. Using ed-tech in classrooms will amaze your students to learn effectively and understand better. Try using the above strategies and shift your teaching to a higher level!

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