How Ed-tech startups in India become the next big thing?

Ed-Tech plays a significant role in today’s education since online learning is established almost everywhere. Especially after this pandemic, all the students and teachers had to rely on technology for education. Because of this drastic shift from traditional to online learning, EdTech startups in India are becoming the next big thing

The pandemic had a huge impact on all the sectors of a country including the education industry. Those were the times when it was difficult to think about gathering students all around in a single classroom and making them learn. It was impossible then. This is where the EdTech organization in India helped students to resume their studies even in tough situations. 


Makes Distant Learning Possible

Education startups are seeing tremendous growth nowadays as it makes it possible to pursue distance education either within the country or from some other country. Though online learning has existed for a long period, it has seen rapid growth only after the pandemic. EdTech makes it possible for everyone to learn whenever and wherever they want, simply through a smartphone. 

Companies like Amazon and institutes like IIMs are constantly striving to provide distance education programs through online service providers. Some of the global universities also provide online education programs which globalize education across the world. 

Even in distant learning, students will be able to speak to their teacher individually and they will be provided 1-on-1 attention. This innovative way of learning also helps the students to learn in their comfortable place which also eliminates travel and accommodation costs.

Qualified educators 

India is one of the countries where educators are lower in number. It is one of the educational challenges faced by the country. It is mainly because of the low pay the teachers are getting from an organization.

Top EdTech organizations in India can identify well-qualified educators and teachers as they pay double in the traditional schools and institutions. This helps the teachers to find the perfect place they deserve for their qualifications. So, the upcoming generation would be taught well and get unlimited knowledge from them. 

Customized learning

Choosing the online way of learning has so many benefits including customized learning and students can learn at their own pace. Each student has a different learning speed and requires specific attention. 

EdTech provides such a kind of customized learning for every student and allows the students to learn at their speed. It also makes education possible despite all the barriers such as location, costs, etc. 

Top EdTech companies in India use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and understand every student’s interest, location, potential, etc., and provide them a customized learning experience. This way of learning does not just depend on one method of teaching like traditional learning. It uses a wide range of technologies and simulations to upgrade the process of learning. 

Technologies used by EdTech

As already mentioned, one of the primary technologies used in EdTech startups is Artificial Intelligence. It helps in creating and customizing learning content for the students, evaluating their performance, analyzing their results, and more. 

Since online learning includes the usage of different tools and devices, IoT (Internet of Things) makes it possible to connect a variety of devices and makes learning more interesting.

Virtual reality and augmented reality take up the imagination of the students to the next level. Instead of showing the students the pictures in their textbooks, VR and AR try to bring up the environments in real life. This helps the students to enjoy the learning process more. 

One of the technologies that are used to analyze performances automatically is Machine Learning. It helps in optimizing the learning process, generating automated reports, recognizing student behavior, and more. 

Challenges faced while adopting Ed-Tech 

Though online learning is becoming the next big thing in India, there are some challenges when we attempt to implement it. One of the major challenges faced by EdTech India is not every household in India can afford laptops and internet connections for their children. Such households having more than one child will struggle if the education becomes fully online.

However, students from such households also try to make online education possible through smartphones. Since smartphones are available at affordable prices nowadays, students can utilize them to access distant learning. 

Edtech in India is also continuously improving its technologies and strategies to make learning possible for everyone no matter what background they come from. Within several years these challenges will be resolved soon and online learning will benefit everyone. Platforms like Classplus will give you a chance to start your own ed-tech startup with the help of your own personalized app, custom-built as per your requirements.

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