10 Ways to Become a Government School Teacher

Teaching is one of the most honorable professions that helps every child shine brighter in his/her successful future. We are all thankful to our teacher whenever we achieve something great in our life. This is why the demand for teachers is still high in our country. There are number of ways to become a government school teacher. In this blog, we will look at becoming a government school teacher.

Where to start?

To become a government school teacher first, the candidate must meet the basic qualification criteria. In addition, you should have completed your senior secondary education with more than 60%. You should have completed a degree in one among the following list of courses with 80%. 

List of courses that makes you eligible to apply for Government School Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EI.Ed), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Diploma in Education (D.Ed), Master of Education Program (M.Ed), Elementary Teacher Education Program, Pre-School Teacher Education Program, Physical Education Program (C.P.Ed).

After completing any of the courses mentioned above, you are eligible to write an entrance exam that allows you to become a government school teacher

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Entrance exams to crack

Anyone who desires to become a government teachers should appear for the Teacher Eligibility Tests conducted by India’s central and state government. The entrance exams which are conducted by both central and state government for the post of government school teacher are listed below-

  • TET: It comprises two levels of tests (Prelims and Mains), and it is for the teaching job postings of India’s state and central governments. 
  • CTET: CTET which stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test is for those who apply for teaching posts in the central government of India.
  • STET: STET which stands for State Teacher Eligibility Test is for those who apply for teaching posts in the state government. 
  • NET: This is for applying to universities and colleges in India for the post of assistant professor.

TET Examination

The TET or CTET examination comprises two papers, namely Paper I and II. Paper I is to select teachers for classes 1 to 5, and Paper II is for classes 6 to 8. Therefore, candidate must appear in both the examinations if he/she wants to become eligible for teaching grade 1 to 8.

Once a candidate has cleared the TET examination, he/she may apply to job openings in various government schools. After that, the candidate has to attend an interview process from the respective schools. The interview is to test the skills of the candidate and their skills are tested as per the requirements.

Different levels of Teaching posts in India

The four different posts that the government of India offers are:

Pre Primary Teacher

Teachers recruitment for this category is for the teachers who teach classes starting from LKG to 1st standard. Teachers of this category should handle students between the age of 3 to 5.

Primary Teacher

Teachers of this category teach from classes 1 to 5. To become a primary teacher, one has to be complete B.Ed graduation with more than 50%. Pre-primary and primary teachers do not need to specialize in specific subjects. Their salary range is from 10,000 to 30,000 INR. Therefore, there are many primary teacher vacancies available in government schools.

Trained Graduate Teacher

A trained graduate teacher can teach specialized subjects to the students of classes 6 to 8. They should have completed B.Ed graduation with more than 60% to become TGT. their salary ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 INR.

Post Graduate Teacher

Post Graduate Teachers can teach the students in classes 9 to 12 along with specializations in a specific subject. They should have completed a post-graduation degree with more than 60% marks. Their salary ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 INR.

Government Teachers- Career growth opportunities

There are many career growth opportunities available once you get into the field of government teaching jobs. If you are determined and upskill yourself in this field, you may get promoted as an assistant teacher, senior teacher, headmaster, or principal. 

The vacancies for teachers in government schools are made every year, and getting into the dream teaching job requires constant effort. The minimum qualification, information about the entrance exams and different levels of government teaching jobs are clearly explained above.

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Cracking TET requires standard preparation, and aspirants who want to become government school teachers have to be prepared very well. After you become a government teacher, you can see various growth opportunities, as mentioned with your consistent hard work.

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