Top Coaching Classes Management Software In 2022

If you run a coaching institute, a coaching classes management software can come in really handy. It will save you a lot of work hours and make the whole process smooth and organized. You should especially consider this if you have a lot of students and many different batches. Managing it all manually can be difficult and time-consuming. The software will make your life easier as a teacher.

What exactly is a coaching class management software? The software takes care of all the tasks involved in running a coaching center. This includes handling fees, conducting tests, and tracking attendance. Many software has the option of automating these tasks. This leaves you time to focus on what matters the most – teaching. It also helps to have a good work-life balance.

What should you look for in a coaching class management software?

There are a lot of players in the coaching class management software business. And it can be confusing to choose the best software suitable for your coaching class. So before looking for various options, make a checklist of all the things you need from the software. Here are some of the features you should ideally look for in a coaching class management software:

  • Tracking attendance – Taking attendance manually consumes a lot of time and effort. This is automated with the use of the software. A biometric system can be used to keep track of students who attend the classes on a daily basis.
  • Managing Payment – A payment gateway is set up for your coaching class business that gives the option to students to pay the fees online. As the day of payment comes close by, reminders are sent to the students and parents via SMS or email. 
  • Conducting tests – Timed online tests are conducted with the help of the software. If the test is MCQ-based, the checking and the results are automated. And in case the tests are offline, the marks are uploaded on your app or website.


Classplus is an excellent coaching class management software. It has all the features mentioned above. Being used by teachers and coaches all over India, it gives you a variety of class management tools. Our team at Classplus will help build a website and a class management app for your coaching institute. 

Following are some of the features we offer here at Classplus:

  • Take live classes

The app we build for you will have the option of conducting live classes. All your students can attend the class using your app. We ensure that the audio and video quality is seamless. As the students join the class, attendance is automatically registered in the app. 

  • Send notifications 

You can send important notifications to the students via the app. If you are unable to take a class, you can inform the students beforehand through these notifications. Marketing notifications regarding any new online course you create can be sent through the app. Other updates like exam schedules, test marks, and holidays can be announced through them.

  • Sell online courses

Online courses of recorded videos can be uploaded to the app. These courses can help someone who is falling behind in class. The student can watch this online course at his own pace. This is also a good way for your coaching business to earn passive income. You create the course by putting in a one-time investment of time and effort. And you keep cashing in on it for a long time. 

You can also sell courses on some advanced topics here. This would be useful for people who are doing well in your regular class. Their talent is being under-utilized in the regular curriculum. This advanced course gives them a good challenge.

Once the course is uploaded on your app, everything else is taken care of for you. The payment for it is automated. Any queries students have can be submitted through the app.

  • An app customized to your brand.

Your coaching class carries a certain brand value. The image of your brand is reflected in the design and features of the app we create for you. The color scheme, the logo, and the welcome message will all be customized according to your brand. This makes your app unique.

Only the features your coaching class needs will be included in the app. It won’t be filled with unnecessary features that you or your students won’t use. This keeps the app light and smooth.

  • Admission process online

The admission process for new students can be done online through the app or website. There they can fill up all the relevant details and upload the required documents. This saves a lot of administration hassle. 

We, at Classplus, aim to provide the traditional teachers of India with all the technical tools they need to get their classes online. 

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