Top 5 courses available for teachers in 2022

Teacher education and skills have always been unquestionable, but as time is changing, teachers must bring new strategies as well. With that, many new courses are there both through offline and online modes, which can help teachers to become more proficient in helping and teaching others. 

There are different courses for different subjects, and such professional training courses bring opportunities that are meaningful and can lead to strengthening student learning. 

Degree Courses

  • M.A. / M.Sc Course

Suppose you have already completed your bachelors in a specific course and are now pursuing a master’s in the same subject or different. Well, it’s great to pursue it now. This will gain in-depth knowledge regarding your subject and make it easier for you to move into the higher designation. Further, it will open immense job opportunities as a teacher.

  • B.Ed-M.Ed Integrated Course

This course is introduced by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Such an integrated course is best for those who want to make a career in teaching. It is a dual degree course, and after completing these integrated courses, you will obtain two degrees – 

A bachelor of Education and a Master of Education. The good thing about this integrated course is one can exit after two years of having a bachelor’s degree. If someone wants to continue with a master’s, they will not have to give entrance again. After this, one can work as a school administrator, educational counselor, and much more in the education sector.

  • Ph.D

This is for the people who aspire to do in-depth research in their specific field and further want to work as a professor in college or university. For this, an aspirant has to clear the NET/JRF exam (National Eligibility Test/Junior Research Fellowship) during or after his/her master’s. After clearing this, many universities don’t conduct entrance for this degree, and you are directly eligible to pursue your research. The aspirants who cleared JRF can pursue their research at top universities with a monthly fixed stipend from the government.

Other Professional Teacher Training Programs or courses

  • Vocational Education Teacher Training 

This is a specified training course which is specially designed and organized for training teachers in specific subjects. It ensures the constant availability of a skilled workforce for powerful and balanced growth. Focusing on practical skills is the core of this teaching training, where work experience becomes an actual part of the program itself. Through this, one gets practical experience in their specific field. It further allows one to elevate their skills. 

  • D.El.Ed Course

This is a two-year diploma course in Elementary Education that is designed to train teachers. The pattern of teaching is changing drastically, and with this, teachers need to upgrade their teaching skills too. Such training enhances both aspiring as well as professional teachers to expertise in their domain. Using different teaching strategies and teaching methods is all one learns so that teachers can further, through oriented activities can, educate tender minds and their social skills. So, such training is becoming vital for both aspiring and established teachers in Primary Education.

  • TTC Course

This is a Trained Teachers Certified course which is conducted by a teacher training committee. The duration of this course is two years. Aspiring teachers who want to settle their career as teachers in primary and secondary school can opt for this course. Through online education, many teachers have also enrolled in this course to upgrade their teaching skills in primary and secondary school. 

  • Ed. Management and Administration

This is a diploma course to develop and boost the administrative skills of teachers. This course is specially designed for those teachers who are looking to become an administrator or visionary leaders. It further helps one to gain practical knowledge to run an educational institution more effectively. 

Apart from professional degrees and training courses, teachers can also develop creative and technological skills that can be beneficial for them in bringing good academic outcomes and in their professional development. Courses related to Digital skills, Grammar and Writing skills, Course development, and many more are useful skills that teachers can learn and implement with good teaching strategies to teach students.

During the pandemic, we have seen numerous teachers having difficulty in running online classes as they are not used to such a way of teaching through online platforms. E-learning platforms like Classplus help teachers build their unique apps according to their preferences and budget. If, after completing these courses, one wishes to open a coaching center or institute but has not any solid investment.

For this, they can opt for an e-learning platform like Classplus, where you as a teacher can conduct and manage your classroom more efficiently. Attendance management, online tests and reports, and a lot more just in one place your own app with your brand name. Classplus gives teachers the ease of managing classrooms online and invests more time in the holistic development of students. These are some of the professional degrees, training, and skill courses for aspiring or established teachers. 

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