5 Best Ways To Build Leadership Skills in Students

Leadership is the quality of influencing, motivating, and leading the group as a team to accomplish essential common goals in a given frame of time. You must have come across different leadership skills in your life, and they all had different personalities and different styles of leadership. So, let’s understand the best ways to build leadership skills in students.

What are Leadership Skills? 

Good leadership skills are the abilities or skills a leader possesses and illustrates to the team members to achieve commonly shared goals. It is counted as one of the soft skills that must be included and required in one’s professional life. Whether you are leading a big business project or a group-based project in school, such skills will remain in demand to ensure a systematic workflow.

Now, let’s see some essential and in-demand leadership skills –

Communication – A fundamental Skill 

Communication is a fundamental skill a leader must possess to impart knowledge, instructions, and ideas to the team members. Therefore, communication between team members should be conducted politely and decently as it is regarded as a lifeline for the proper functioning of an organization. 


A good leader must encourage, motivate and inspire the team members to achieve desirable shared goals. When a leader possesses an excellent positive mindset, they only can boost their team. Because of this, team members will be able to provide a notable contribution to/her duties. 

For this, a leader must engage in a pleasant informal conversation with other members; this will further lead to a healthy relationship between the leader and its members. 


This is the best way to engage with your team members and to make them have faith in their leader. By delegating the tasks, team members feel important and are created to recognize their abilities. Knowing each member’s skills and abilities and then delegating tasks will generate a good outcome. 

Acceptance – Success & Failure

One can be a good leader when he/she takes responsibility for both the success and failure of his/her team. A good leader takes charge when something goes wrong and does not blame the team member. When it’s a success, celebrate it together. 

Open to Feedback

It is an essential skill that a leader should be open to feedback. When your members are happy with your leadership, accept their appreciation, but at the same time, if your members are not satisfied, you as a leader must listen to them and need to upgrade your skills. 

Above, we discussed all the necessary leadership skills a leader must have, 

Who is a Good Leader? What are the qualities of a Good Leader?

A good leader encourages and inspires the team to perform and reach their highest potential. A good leader has a good strategy and believes in teamwork.

Qualities of a good leader

~ High Emotional Intelligence

~Mentoring others

~Welcoming creative ideas 

~Positive outlook

~Open to feedback

Teachers can play a significant role in developing these skills in students. However, knowing the skills and developing the skills are two different things. Teachers can create and assign tests or some group-based projects and trust various leaders for each part of it. 

Let’s see five ways to build Leadership Skills in Students


Teachers must provide opportunities for the students to make decisions. It can be making classroom rules, deciding activities to be conducted after lesson completion, and much more. With that, also guide them to think before choosing any option or evaluating both merits and demerits of their decisions. 

Positive Thinking 

The teacher must demonstrate both a positive and negative attitude. And further to it, teach its respective outcomes too. Students must understand how important it is to have positive thinking in every situation as it will help them to accomplish as a good leaders. 

Time Management 

Teachers should teach students to manage time more efficiently. For this, teachers can give them deadlines so that they can complete tasks on time. To be a good leader, one must know how to prioritize assigned tasks and complete them on time. 

Sharing experience 

The teacher must share his/her experience and ideas on leadership and further teach them to include more skills to be a better leader. Listening to such experiences will help students learn and develop good leadership skills. 

Weekly sessions on leadership

Arrange a session on leadership once or twice a week and tell its importance and applications in one’s life. You can further share stories about different leaders in their respective fields. 

Such skills are required in every aspect; whether you are a student or working in a company, such skills will be needed. It then becomes essential for teachers to teach such skills at an early age only. 

Knowing and building good leadership skills will add immense value to their holistic development when a student knows and builds good leadership skills. Teachers can help students to become good leaders for the future. Classplus is the best platform for teachers to conduct classes on different topics just in one place. With your own app, expand your online coaching business now and reach out to larger students across the country.

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