Tips To Prepare For UGC NET-Teaching Aptitude

Teaching Aptitude is one of the most critical sections included in the UGC Net exam paper-1 by NTA (National Testing Agency). UGC Net Exam is considered one of the toughest exams in India, and there are some strategies to follow to crack it successfully. We will see about the UGC Net exam, its teaching aptitude, and how to prepare for it in this blog. 

What is the UGC Net exam?

UGC Net exam is conducted by UGC (University Grants Commission) twice a year. The test examines the Indian candidates’ eligibility to work as Assistant professors in Indian colleges and universities. The exam consists of two papers with multiple-choice questions.

The teaching aptitude questions section is one of the ten sections under the first paper. It has five multiple-choice questions and a weightage of up to 10 to 12 marks. The teaching aptitude section tests the candidates’ teaching ability in the education field. 

Topics that come under the teaching aptitude

The teaching aptitude consists of topics that will examine the candidate’s knowledge in student management, teaching methods, problem-solving, etc. Some of the most critical issues of this section are:

  • The three teaching techniques: traditional, ICT based, and modern
  • Ways of teaching such as teacher-centered, learner-centered, online, offline, etc.
  • Principles of teaching, factors are affecting teaching, learner’s characteristics, etc.
  • Evaluation system and its types and more. 

Tips to prepare for teaching aptitude in UGC Net

Understand your syllabus

Before preparing for the exam, try to understand the UGC Net exam syllabus as thoroughly as possible. The exam consists of two papers, each with compulsory questions. The first paper consists of 50 questions for 100 marks and the second paper has 100 questions for 200. The first paper has questions to test your teaching aptitude knowledge, and the second one has questions from the concerned subject. 

Prepare a study plan

A well-structured study plan is essential to cover all the topics before attempting the exam. Prepare a daily schedule to study every issue and make sure you are spending enough time for relaxation. Start your preparation 3 to 6 months before the exam and schedule your time accordingly. This study plan will help you achieve at a steady pace. Study with all your dedication and stick to the schedule strictly. 

Prepare notes as you study 

Once you start studying for the exam, keep the habit of note-taking as you progress with every concept. All concepts under the teaching aptitude section are complex, and you will most likely get confused when studying. Therefore, taking notes while learning and noting the critical points is always better. In addition, these notes will be specifically helpful for revising the topics quickly since you cannot study the large volume of textbooks the day before your exam. 

Try solving the previous year’s question papers

Solve the previous year’s questions papers after completing a topic to boost your confidence. This practice helps you to know more about the teaching aptitude question pattern. It will also help you find the left-out areas, if any. You can easily find the previous year’s question papers on the internet. Try to solve them all to properly understand the exam pattern. 

Attempt mock tests

There are a lot of websites where you can try attempting mock tests. Mock tests help to revise the studied concepts and manage time. Since the teaching aptitude first paper is time-consuming, practice time management by taking regular mock tests. So, don’t forget to add mock test attempts to your study schedule. Attempting mock tests regularly will throw away the fear and helps you face the exam confidently. 

Revise the concepts often 

Studying the concepts alone is insufficient to crack the UGC Net exam successfully. Allot enough time for revising the concepts often in your schedule. Constant revision helps you remember the images so you won’t forget them so quickly. 

To sum up 

Apart from studying hard for the exam, refresh yourself with a healthy diet and proper sleep. Preparing with your total effort and practicing mock tests will get you good scores. So start preparing for the upcoming UGC Net with all your effort and confidence.

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