Tips to Make Webinars More Engaging

We have had to adjust to a new way of life in an almost digital environment since COVID. Online education and virtual events like interactive webinars are only two examples of the enormous innovation that has emerged due to this abrupt change toward a digital environment. Numerous inventive methods make your interactive webinar more interesting, despite the lack of in-person interaction frequently required to maintain an audience’s attention. 

Even if your online audience is paying attention to you, you have no way of knowing that. Because of this, we’ve compiled these 10 best practices on how to present a truly engaging webinar.

Basic technical check-up before webinars

Contemplate how to improve your video feed or webcam during virtual webinars. Take into account the lighting, camera angle, background, and how you interact with the camera. Refrain from staring down at your laptop webcam. Try your best to avoid technical snags by testing your webinar online platform before going live. 

Be different

There are many technical webinars with a didactic lecture structure and then a live Q&A. By being interactive during the webinar, using polls or live voting tools, and experimenting with presenting medium, you might try to change things up. Use brief, illustrative videos throughout your webinar to keep things lively. 

Even webcam-based webinars can feel monotonous if the presenter only stares at the camera while reading and is not interactive during the webinar

Utilize the chat feature during webinars

Opening the chat element and having the lecturer reply to queries in real-time would make for an extremely interactive webinar. Use a panel discussion structure for your Q&A session to promote interesting conversation that includes non-speakers.

Icebreaker session

One of the best webinar activity ideas is to begin by wishing your viewers a warm welcome as they begin to watch your webinar. Then, continue counting the number of people who have already joined and fill in the silence by commenting on the circumstance. You can publicly welcome and appreciate each attendee for an interactive webinar.

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The power of two

Inviting a second speaker to deliver the topic alongside you is one of the best webinar activity ideas. Your webinar will be revitalized by the difference in how the content is presented, which will shatter the myth that there can only be one speaker. Additionally, if there are two or more of you participating in the webinar, you can support one another and generate more webinar theme ideas.

Divide your webinars into small chunks

Browse through a list of webinar theme ideas and decide on one. Go through the plan briefly before getting into the essence of your webinar. Set up the flow of the entire session a. provide some background information for your audience on the topics you’ll be discussing. This can be condensed into a list of bullet points and used as your opening slide. Consider breaking up your information into three smaller portions.

Keep your audience engaged

It’s important to keep people interested during your webinar online. It will unquestionably stop them from daydreaming or multitasking. Instead, give your audience a chance to speak after each longer section of content you provide. Then, run a live poll to gauge the views of or assess the level of understanding of your audience on the subject.

Repeating this after practically every three to five slides in your webinars will work wonders and your webinar will be cited as one of the best interactive webinar examples.

Fill in the gaps

Run live polls, but not just to generate conversation. Always provide the necessary support. As the results of the poll come in, comment on them and place them in the context of your speech like the way sports commentators provide a continuous account of a game or match. We promise that your presentation will head the list of interactive webinar examples. 

Quiz your audience

Bring out people’s competitive nature. The best way for you to make your webinar more enjoyable is to administer a little quiz. You can conduct the quiz either at the beginning to break the ice and introduce your subject, or at the conclusion as a fun wind-up for your post-webinar activities. Describe how to participate in the quiz to your online audience. Then, start the quiz, read each question aloud, and comment as you go along, just like a sports announcer might, during a game.

Get their feedback

To conclude, conduct a brief feedback poll to determine how much your webinar’s viewers appreciated it. Make the survey brief so that it will be simple for the participants to complete. Making the feedback form a webinar component will allow your participants to complete it while still on the call. Turn on the survey two minutes before the conclusion and request participant comments as a part of your post-webinar activities. To break up the silence, you can play music in the background.

Virtual webinars are a great tool to boost your online teaching business. A live and engaging webinar online can get you many on-the-spot enrolments. Whether you want to host your webinars or your classes, doing so on your platform is a great idea to look professional and impress your audience. 

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