How Can Webinars Improve the Admission Rate?

Webinars are an excellent option to engage a large audience online. Nowadays, most organizations use webinars for conducting lectures, training programs, interviews, and more. However, you may suspect whether webinars are the best option for the admission process. Of course, they are. So, let me explain how you can use webinars to improve the admission rate in your schools and colleges

What are Webinars? How are they beneficial? 

Webinars are online seminars conducted using online webinar hosting platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, go to webinar, etc. The host of webinars educates many people about a specific topic or concept. The host is responsible for sharing the screen, explaining, and giving controls to the participants if required. 

Every student wishes to know more about a school or college before admission. They may have plenty of questions about the institution and are more curious to learn about the school they are going to study at. Webinars for the admission process can be helpful for educators to say more about their institution to a large audience without any complications. In addition, they can provide proper guidance to many students and direct them to the right path. 

Conducting webinars for the admission process saves everyone’s time and effort. Students and parents don’t need to travel a long way to the school or college and wait for a prolonged time to get admission because of this online webinar. Instead, they can attend the webinar at their homes and get all their doubts clarified without any hassle. In addition, students find it more engaging and comfortable to attend the admission process via webinars. 

How can we make webinars effective for the admission process?

Choose the right platform 

Every webinar platform has distinct features which are suitable for various usages. Choose the right platform that suits your organization’s requirements and expectations to conduct the admission process smoothly. Since it is the first-ever session attended by your students before joining your school, choosing the best platform is essential to gain their first impression. 

Audio and video quality

The only thing that frustrates people while attending online sessions is the poor audio and video quality. It could be due to various reasons such as bad network connectivity, poor quality camera, and microphone, etc. Therefore, ensure that you have a proper connection and a high-quality camera and mic before logging in to the webinar.

Organize the webinar effectively 

Since you are conducting the session online, you should organize it from beginning to end. There are several ways to present your webinar. You can use slides, videos, pdf documents, etc., to provide information about your institution to the audience. Make sure you are consistent throughout the presentation and have not deviated.

Keep the webinar in order by starting with showing your campus, providing academic information, fee structure, extra-curriculum, etc., and not missing out on any important detail. 

Be enthusiastic while talking about your institution

Students and parents won’t be interested in listening to you if you present the webinar without any expression. Therefore, be expressive throughout the webinar and give them the feel of talking in person when you speak to them via camera. Instead of keeping the webinar one-way, try to have it engaging by asking them questions, encouraging them to speak up, and sharing their opinions.

Be alert 

With online webinars, you may face problems like disconnectivity, and power failures at any time. Therefore, you should be prepared, and be alert all the time to keep the webinar going. Test your system a few minutes before the webinar starts and have all the backup options in case of failure. If any problem occurs, you should solve to resume the webinar at the earliest possible to avoid discontinuity.

Instruct them how to follow up 

Don’t end the webinar without providing the essential details like how to follow up for further queries, how to proceed further for payment, etc. Provide them with your institution’s website, and social media links to know more about your school or college and stay connected. Note down the email ids of all the attendees to send them timely reminders of important events at your school.

To wrap up 

Since webinars are the greatest option to connect with a large audience at once, you can use them effectively for conducting the admission process without any difficulties. Therefore, follow the above-discussed strategies to conduct effective webinars and boost the admission rate in your schools and colleges. 

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