Tips to Make Lessons More Engaging in an Online tuition

With the advent of the pandemic, everything has changed, including the way of education. Online education has become the new method of learning for school students. Nowadays, students are very comfortable with online learning and find it productive to learn from their homes. Teachers can make lessons and make them more engaging for their students. However, since students who learn online are easily prone to distractions, here are some top seven tips for teachers to make lessons more engaging

#1 Be proactive and set rules at first 

As a teacher, you can easily predict the challenges you may face while handling online tuition. Therefore, think about all the probabilities and have solutions beforehand to make virtual teaching smooth. For example, in case of internet or power issues, have a backup for a seamless teaching experience. At the same time, set rules for students in your first-ever class. 

Clearly instruct them about how to be punctual for the online tuition, the necessity of maintaining a distraction-free environment for active listening, etc. Then, write the rules along with your students and encourage them in a friendly way to follow them for a hassle-free and engaging online class. 

#2 Inspire them to learn! 

Every student has their inspiration which makes them keep going. Find out what excites them and try to make lesson plans using that. For example, if your students are Ben 10 fans, try to have inferences from that and say some analogies based on Ben 10. It makes them feel less bored listening to your lecture. 

As soon as they hear the word about a cartoon or movie character, they will become attentive and listen to your teaching. Some students love pets, and some love comics, so try to include their interests as much as you know about them. 

#3 Make lessons and present them more interestingly 

In virtual teaching, students watch you on the screen, so it has to be interesting enough to make them listen for a prolonged period. Ensure to have a distraction-free environment around yourself. Don’t follow a single way to teach a concept. Instead, present using slides for a few minutes, show yourself on the screen, and play an informative video from YouTube to make them stay focused. 

Spend time before the class planning how to make the session more interactive rather than start teaching without any idea. 

#4 Utilize technology to make lessons 

Virtual teaching can be fun when you utilize the available technologies effectively. Apart from teaching using a whiteboard and mic, you can use a wide range of tools and technologies in an online classroom. You can create interactive slides with pictures, videos, different text formats, and animations to teach your students. There are various drawing tools available online that you can use to teach with fun. 

With online classes, you can encourage your students to play educational games that are fun to play and engaging to learn. Implementing these techniques will help you maximize student participation in your online classroom. 

#5 Set goals for your students

Since you are not interacting with your students directly in online classes, there are some chances for them to lose consistency. So, setting goals for your students is essential to keep them motivated to study. Set targets for your students to accomplish every day. 

Check with your students often and be aware of what every student is learning day-to-day. Apart from setting short-term objectives, provide your students with long-term goals to achieve throughout the year. 

#6 Track your students’ progress 

You can assess your students’ progress through various methods. Besides conducting online exams, try other ways to track your students’ performance. For example, give them team projects to work together, make them write a blog, encourage them to prepare video assignments, etc., to express their views and understanding more creatively. 

In addition, interact with every student individually after every exam to know where they struggle and need your guidance. Since online education made interaction more effective between the students and teachers, you can communicate with them anytime and offer your help when needed. 

#7 Reward your students for their performance 

Since online learning is new for students, we should encourage every student who gives their best and performs well. Approve your students’ hard work and appreciate them for trying their best. Give them positive feedback frequently ad reward them often to motivate them. Be it points, badges, chocolates, or whatever, try to make them feel rewarded and appreciated for their efforts.

To sum up

Managing your students’ performance, making lessons engaging, and communicating with them often, all at once, may seem challenging at first in the online class. However, adopting the right strategies can make online learning more effective for your students. I hope the above tips will be helpful for you to make your teaching more compelling in online tuition.

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