10 Preferred Online Teaching Tools Teachers Can Use This Year

Since Covid19 emerged in 2020, education has been primarily online, and now it has been an almost full-time virtual system for some institutions even when face-to-face classes have started. Whether it is asynchronous learning, video lectures, or online lessons, to stay connected through distance learning, teachers and students need virtual learning platforms and digital teaching tools. It has also allowed students and teachers to engage in the class from the comfort of their homes without traveling. They can save both time and money and have the facility of learning. 

Why Online Teaching Tools are Important

There are some essential parts of virtual classrooms and online teaching. Those are individual activities, assessment of the assignment in real-time and collaborative teamwork. In addition, online teaching tools are needed for the faculty and student interaction in real-time live classes and after the online courses. It also gives facility to the interaction between students. Using teaching tools can be helpful.

Teachers are using the online tools because of the instructor’s ease of use, usefulness, confidence, and satisfaction level. In addition, the effective use of online tools has improved the quality of teaching and constant improvement of the tools and assessment methods.  

10 Preferred Online Teaching Tools 


Zoom gained massive popularity during the pandemic in educational and other essential fields. It is a versatile tool and great for all kinds of presentations. A valuable webinar platform where students can learn online. It has features like video class functionality, social interaction, and chatting options which are easy to use. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is specially created for teaching and learning purposes. It is one of the robust free teaching tools with many valuable features. This tool is an all-in-one tool that makes learning flexible and accessible worldwide. Google Classroom uses the same technology as the Google paperless Office Suite used for consumers and business purposes. Teachers can save time by making pre-required assignments and lesson plans while tracking students’ performance with in-built creative tools. It is one of the leading e-learning platforms many schools use for online classes. 


Slack is a stable online platform that puts the institution and communication virtually into one place. In Slack, teachers can easily file course content for each topic and connect to the students individually or in a group. Sending relevant class materials is also easy to work here. Slack helps the teachers and students get involved and remain engaged during the online classes. 


Skype is a well-known online platform for connecting with anyone worldwide. It is also helpful for students’ educational development and growth. Many institutions look forward to having meetings and online classes on skype for its stable features. Moreover, it can connect two classrooms in different locations in a fun way. 

Explain Everything

When we name some of the top digital whiteboards, Explain Everything’ comes almost at the top. It is an excellent interactive digital whiteboard for hybrid learning. It also encourages collaboration between teachers and students. 


A blackboard is an online tool used by education and business persons globally. It connects students and teachers in the virtual educational field with the power of technology and future enhancement. 

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a great virtual platform that supports student interaction and helps teachers create engaging slides for the course. Creating slides is easy, and teachers can do that from scratch. They can also add interactive questions to their existing presentations. They can also add personalized notes to individual students and audio files to their presentations. 


Teachers who want to understand more about how to design a class to make better use of educational technology, whether fully online or blended, can use Coursera. It is a flexible and affordable educational platform for teachers to showcase their teaching skills. In addition, they can offer a range of learning opportunities to certificates to the students. 


Students love to use Edmodo as this device is easy to use on mobile phones and other devices. It is a free social learning virtual platform that allows the students to access the documents uploaded by their teachers. Edmodo virtual classroom also creates an online community of practice and shared activities.

Connect With Classplus!

Classplus is one of the most trending online platforms, which provides a lot of flexibility to the teachers to create their coaching classes professionally. Teachers can manage their categories and fees, upload documents and notes, and take student attendance. Furthermore, they can personalize their online class and coaching center as they wish through Classplus.

To Sum Up

Whether you have been using digital tools for educators for years or are bound to use them during the pandemic crisis, you will find many great options in the present situation. You can go for regular Google Classroom or use a high-tech, personalized, and worry-free online platform like Classplus. Whatever you choose, it should be according to your comfort zone regarding the online tools. You can create your own app with classplus and get your teaching business online.

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