Tips to keep coaching business running during vacation time

Teachers and students get a much-needed break from school during vacations. Most spend their vacation time relaxing at home, planning a trip, or visiting their relative’s house. However, holidays turn out to be an offseason for the coaching classes. But with a bit of creativity and innovation, you can keep the coaching business on even during the vacation days.

You shouldn’t keep the regular classes on during vacation time. You won’t get the same response because students are looking for something less severe and intensive. So, you will have to think a little bit out of the box. But, if you succeed in creating a vacation program that students love, this will be your paid time off! Here are some ways you can keep your coaching business running during vacation.

Teach some extra-curricular activity

Students will be more responsive to learning an extra-curricular activity than the conventional subjects during vacations. For example, you could teach singing, dancing, public speaking, fiction writing, painting, etc. These are all fun activities that students wouldn’t mind doing during the holidays.

You could invite a professional to teach students or teach whatever skill you are good at. It’s good for students to see the teacher in a different light. Also, having fun with the teacher will help grow their bond stronger.

Sell online coaching courses

You could sell courses with pre-recorded videos in them. This can be useful for students who are lagging in the subject. They can learn the system at their own pace, watch the videos repeatedly if they don’t understand it, and complete the assignments comfortably. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for them to catch up with the rest of the class.

And as for the teachers, creating a video course is a one-time investment of time and effort. They can earn passive income off of it during their vacation days. Vacation time can thus be turned into paid time off.

Courses could also be made on advanced topics for students interested in the subject. Since the school curriculum does not cover these advanced topics, the interested students can avail this opportunity to learn something new. This might help develop a passion for the subject in the students’ minds during online coaching.

Organize career counseling sessions

Choosing a career is one of the most critical decisions in a student’s life. They need all the guidance they can get to make the right choice. Help them figure out their strengths and weaknesses. There are a lot of tests out there made by psychologists to figure out an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Make use of these tests to guide the students on the right path during online coaching.

Help the students get in touch with their core values. Choosing a career that aligns with their core values can be very fulfilling. Everyone has a different personality type. Some are creative and artistic, while others are good leaders and managers. A career that lets their natural self thrive can fill their life with satisfaction and happiness.

Introduce them to all the career options available out there. Research about the lesser-known unconventional fields and educate the students about them. The more opportunities they are introduced to, the better idea they will have about what is out there in the professional world after school. Having a dream destination for the future inspires a student to work hard in academics. They get a sense of purpose in their life. They develop clarity about their future plans and their life ahead.

Bridge the gap between theory and its real-world applications during online coaching

Book learning is essential but not nearly enough to succeed in the professional field. Things are a lot different in the real world. Invite working professionals from various fields to give a talk to the students. They can portray the accurate picture of working in their area. Ask them to talk about the benefits and struggles of working in that field. Allow the students to ask questions to them. 

These discussions can help the students understand if the field is the right fit for them. For students interested in the field, information regarding how to proceed with choosing courses and institutes can be provided. Listening to one of these professionals share their stories might inspire a student to pursue the same career path.

All these are how you can keep your coaching business running during the holidays. Our aim at Classplus is to help the teachers build sustainable coaching businesses. We provide you with your own app and a website for your coaching institute. You can use this app to host the online courses mentioned above. In addition, you can send notifications to the students regarding all the vacation programs using the marketing dashboard inside the app.

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