Five tips for teachers to create a positive environment in the classroom

It is always necessary for teachers to create a positive environment in the classroom because it helps students to learn and grow. For creating a positive environment teachers can follow certain ways so that students find it interesting to learn the subjects. It is good for teachers to build a positive relationship with students, right from the beginning. Also, it is better to have clear communication with students.

The teachers can use humor, or other strategies to match the level of students. Teachers may give time to students to start taking notes and doing basic tasks. Trust your students and let them make decisions, so that they feel like they have created a good environment for themselves. Five teaching strategies or tips for teachers to create a positive environment for students in online classroom are as follows:-

1. Encouraging a code of conduct in a Classroom

It is better to have standards that govern the behavior of students for class management. If teachers give a list of rules to students, then it may have a negative impact, hence it is better to involve students in establishing a code of conduct. Teachers can have a discussion in the class regarding the significance of manners and behavior with others.

Also, it will be better to explain them with positive behaviors such as kindness, sharing, and kindness. After all this exercise, let the student consider and write a code of conduct for them to follow so that they can feel ownership.

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2. Be a role model for Students

In creating a positive environment in the classroom, whether it is face-to-face learning or online learning, teachers are also having an important role. Instead of directing students, if the teacher also follows the same code of conduct, then you have the opportunity to show what you expect from students. This behavior may have a positive impact on students, and they will try to follow you.

A few factors that help establish a positive environment in the classroom are supportive learning culture, encouraging students to be involved in all activities, and giving attention to students’ needs. Teachers know that classrooms are another home to students. That’s why teachers make positive efforts to make them feel comfy in class.

3. Maintain direct Communication with Students in Classroom

Having direct communication between teachers and students has a better impact and it may last for a longer time on their classroom behavior. If a student in the classroom creates distractions, then speak to him directly, to let him/her know the negative impact of his/her actions on you. Focusing on his behavior rather than personally on him will be correct. It is also good on the teacher’s part to be courteous towards students during the conversation, this also shows a model of positive behavior to students.

4. Normalizing mistakes of Students 

Mistakes are normal for human beings and it is part of life, and these can be a learning lesson also. Few students have the nature that if they make a mistake, they become anxious and stressed. Many students may focus towards being perfect, and they think if they take any action, it may be a mistake. Few other students are horrified at the thought of making a mistake, in front of their classmates. In all cases, fear of making mistakes is common in all school students. Teachers can help them to overcome this fear by explaining to them that it is common to make mistakes, but learning from mistakes is good.

5. Building a Positive Rapport with Students

You may be a teacher of any grade or any class, if you build a good and happy relationship with students, then they share a good bond with you. In such a situation, you can have a close relationship with students and students will feel free to share their problems with you. You can even show interest in their hobbies or extracurricular activities. Also, it can be a good thing, if you keep a suggestion box for students, so that students can drop their suggestions and show their concern for the classroom, this will also have a positive impact on students that you value their opinion. 

In all, it can be said that the classroom environment is very important for students’ learning. When students find their classroom has a positive and supportive environment, and they feel safe and secure there, then it gives an atmosphere for learning. Students feel comfortable in a class having a positive environment and therefore can focus on their lessons and hence learning becomes easier.

Students should be given proper attention, love, and care to make it possible to maintain a positive environment. Whatever teaching strategies are adopted by teachers, students should be comfortable with them and should feel free to ask queries.

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