Teaching Your First Lesson: Tips for new Classroom

As a teacher, you can only get one chance to teach the first lesson to your students, so it becomes very important for you to make the best out of it by implementing some outstanding strategies. A student-teacher relationship never fades away. It gets better and better over time, and to make it more convenient, you need to put some effort if you are a new subject teacher.

A Right Kind of Strategy Always Works to pull out Something Good. 

As a new teacher, in order to be confident about delivering your first lesson in a classroom, you don’t need to have intense teacher training or professional teaching support; you just need good confidence as well as expertise to tackle every single situation as a whole. While delivering the first lesson, even if you don’t have any experience in teaching and learning, these amazing strategies can help you a lot. It doesn’t matter whether you are a person who is appointed for English teaching or mathematics teaching; you just need to follow a few statistics to gain access to the right kind of execution.

  • Check out a few strategies to apply in order to embrace your students with a good impression:

First, know your students & the Classroom before putting your steps into your Classroom; you should be getting some idea about your Classroom and students, like the total strength of your class, average ages, the total number of male and female students, what are their hobbies, their expectation from you as a new class teacher. Each & every Classroom may have some sort of unique skills, and you should walk inside the Classroom without expecting anything in return. Just get some general details beforehand and look around the Classroom. In case there is a need to customize the space available, then you can do it to make it convenient.

  • Make plans for the engaging lessons.

It is always easy to botch the first lesson of yours and makes it entirely dull, and you are requested not to fall into this trap of straight away starting your lecture with boring writing work. Otherwise, all the students will pray for your first session to end as fast as possible. Rather than implementing these steps, make a lesson plan about what you exactly want to & in what manner you want to deliver varieties of content in the form of activities like group work or pair work. You will have enough time to prepare different materials and make use of those materials to serve the purpose of making it fun-loving. With some media, pictures, and props, you can get what you want to deliver in order to make the first impression even better.

  • Practice makes it Look Perfect. 

Looking at the lesson plan you have just made will not going to help you at all; this will only give you more stress. It is better to get up & practice the lesson and do this for different parts with your skills to get the success in the right manner. The lesson plans for teachers should be in such a way that it covers all the desirable things with some fine level of strategies.

  • Watch out few more things.

Now that you know what to do and how this should be done, the experience of teaching courses always comes from the right kind of knowledge and the right methodologies to implement. For your lesson plan for English to give in a new classroom, you can check out the following tactics:-

  • Greet your students when ‘come in.’
  • Pass out some name tags 
  • Get your materials well organized.
  • It is better to keep your TTT very low.
  • Work on the volume
  • Use Gestures for better understanding. 
  • Monitor as well as rectify the errors
  • Avoid stretching your lecture for a longer period to keep the interest of the student teacher. 
  • Have a water bottle with you to drink 
  • Keep track of total time duration. 
  • While you are acting as a teacher teaching students then, always make sure to end your lesson at a specific point to generate interest among the students.
  • Exit gracefully
  • It is a better idea to go through your lesson quite a few times with your friends or colleagues to avoid making mistakes without losing your chance to make a good first impression. In other words, always make sure to practice your content before actually delivering them.

The Final Word

Teaching is always a fun-loving profession, and you should showcase some excitement about meeting new students in the form of new personalities. For whatever reasons you are in the teacher education line, just go with a planned approach to always learn and improve.

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