Sources For Teachers To Earn Passive Income


Teaching is an interesting job but it is always good to have ways to generate passive income, i.e., earning without investing much time. Therefore, it is essential to have passive income sources for teachers. There are several occupations you may indulge in from home if you’re a teacher wishing to supplement your income or start working remotely full-time. As a teacher, you already possess a wealth of useful skills, including creativity, organization, and constructive criticism. You naturally possess leadership qualities as well. By thinking outside the box, online teachers can generate passive income for themselves.

What is Passive Income For Teachers?

The income teachers earn apart from teaching as their profession is the passive income for teachers. In today’s world, everyone looks for passive income. Passive income for teachers is like just another add-on with the utilization of their skills apart from their regular job. 

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Some Sources To Earn Passive Income For Teachers



As a subject matter expert, you can share your expertise with the world through your blogs and monetize them to earn a decent passive income. For example, if you are a Math teacher, you can answer the most often searched questions on 

Google in your blog to attract traffic to your blog and then monetize it through affiliate links or Google ads. You can also start putting up Quora answers as Quora is very useful for teachers, so that people can come to your blog site and know more about you. It will help you create an online presence. 

You can create a website to post your blogs or work on sites where you can directly upload your blogs, such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Medium, etc. Write blogs directly, keeping in mind the user intent and make sure that they are informative.

Create and sell courses online 

The online teaching industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Some online passive income ideas include making and selling tiny modules, lesson plans, targeted assessments, or even an entire course, depending on how much time you are ready to invest. Creating and assigning tests and selling courses have never been easier than now. 

With the help of technology, you can automate your passive income work process. Classplus is one such great platform which will help you to get a customized solution to your online course needs. You can record your videos, create lesson plans and assignments, communicate with your customers, and even collect payment on your own coaching app.

Selling Lesson Plans

Many people struggle to make proper lesson plans, and thus if you are good at planning and can plan lessons. Then you can easily create plans for multiple lessons and sell them online. You can also make study plans for students and sell them through online platforms like, Classplus, Ruzku, etc. This is a good way to earn passive income.

lesson plan selling

Many people struggle to make proper lesson plans, and thus if you are good at planning and can plan lessons. Then you can easily create plans for multiple lessons and sell them online. You can also make study plans for students and sell them through online platforms like, Classplus, Ruzku, etc. This is a good way to earn passive income.

Teach Summer School

Teachers can utilize their free time during the summer holidays and teach at the summer school, and they can teach subjects, crafts, or sports anything. This helps teachers to get a passive income and work on their skills as they like. Summer schools can help teachers gain experience and passive income.


Podcasting, like blogging, is one of the best passive income ways to earn some additional money. The only difference is that in your blogs, you share your expertise via words; in podcasting, you do that via audio files.


For example, if you are a foreign language teacher, you can record and post audio about the pronunciation of different words, their correct usage, most common mistakes, and the like. Like blogging, one needs to be patient since your podcasts will take some time to take off. 

Creating a podcast will help you to become more open and help people recognize and understand your work.  

Creating YouTube videos

YouTube is a big name among online passive income ideas. You have expertise in something, and an audience out there wants to learn those skills. You can record your videos teaching those skills and post them on YouTube. But, again, YouTube will not start generating income from day one. You have to clock in 4000 hours of video watch time and should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to start earning. 

YouTube videos

In the long run it helps as it makes it easier, you can apply for a Partner Program and it builds a consistency of posting content for more subscribers and views. Initially, getting to these numbers requires a lot of patience and time, but later on, it leads to a good addition to your portfolio.

Once getting that, you can easily generate a good amount with the help of posting teaching videos on YouTube. You can teach anything, any skills or subjects.

Conducting Workshops 

Workshops are the quickest way and best source of passive income for teachers. For example, if you are a yoga teacher, you can create eight weeks or ten weeks of therapy workshops for different ailments. What’s good is you can schedule these workshops during your school vacations or in the evenings after work. 

Apart from workshops, you can be creative in generating similar passive income ideas. Sell your expertise in the form of summer camps or short marathon programs at local fairs. In addition, you can take your workshops online and cater to an even larger audience worldwide.

Writing eBooks 


eBooks are fast growing in popularity as the best available passive income ways. Today most business houses or coaching institutes that want to grow their business create ebooks to cater to their audience. You can either earn money by creating ebooks for your clients or creating them for yourself. 

Present your expertise to the world in the form of ebooks and monetize them. You can market your ebook digitally and sell it online through various platforms like Kindle create, caliber, etc. Selling ebooks helps to gain passive income as well as helps you to improve your skills.

Create a test series and sell

Apart from creating ebooks and courses, teachers can make test series. Eventually, everyone gives exams, and the best way to prepare for exams is to work on test series. 

You can prepare test series and question banks for various subjects, competitive exams, etc., and sell them online through multiple platforms. Some of the best test series you can plan for our school tests and government-level exams such as UPSC. TEL, Bank Exams, etc. 

Freelance Writing

freelance writing

Some teachers have exceptional writing skills and thus can work as freelance writers for educational or other content sites. Freelance writing is a great way to earn passive income and work on skills. There are multiple platforms from which one can get freelance work, such as fiver, Freelancer, etc. 

Online Researching

grow your coaching business

A lot of people conduct research and need some help along the way. People hire someone to conduct online research on their behalf and pay them for the online research. If you have good research skills and believe that you can handle research work, then help researchers and get paid for it.

Final Thoughts 

A teacher’s life is not easy. With the continuous challenge of managing a whole class, they shouldn’t be going through the challenge of managing their expenses. There are many passive income sources for teachers. However, they require a lot of time and effort. But here, we have tried to bring you the best sources of passive income that match your skill set as a teacher. If you are looking for a way to grow digitally and create a passive income source, Classplus is here to help you. To get to know more about Classplus, take a demo right now.

Sources For Teachers To Earn Passive Income FAQs

Q1. How can a teacher make extra income?

A1. Teachers can make extra income through various ways, such as selling online courses, creating and selling e-books, online tutoring, freelancing, etc.

Q2. What are some good passive income sources?

A2. Some good passive income sources are financial investment, publishing, selling courses, renting property, etc.

Q3. How to create passive income digitally?

A3. To create a digital passive income, you can start tutoring online, selling teaching resources online, selling e-books, etc.

Q4. Is it possible to make a passive income?

A4. Yes, it is possible to make passive income, and there are many ways through which one can earn passive income, such as freelancing, online tutoring, paper grading, site testing, etc.

Q5. What is passive income?

A5. Passive income is money generated by not completely being a part of any organization, such as freelancing.