The Role of Teacher in the Classroom

The role of teacher in the classroom is more than just teaching. In a classroom, every gesture, word, and lesson from a teacher plays an important role in shaping a student’s future. This blog will talk about all the important 7 roles of a teacher in the classroom and why they are so special.

7 important roles of a teacher in the classroom 


Planning is the most essential role of teacher in the classroom. As a planner, a teacher is responsible for designing the classes and activities to help their students learn in a simpler and fun way. Planning can include deciding the topics to teach, lesson planning, different ways to teach etc. 

  • Lesson designing: teachers decide the topics to cover and the order in which they will be covering these topics.
  • Using resources: they identify the resources like books, tools, technology etc. to be used while teaching their students. 
  • Managing time: it is important to set how much time to spend on each topic or activity. 
  • Activity choice: choosing the activity to introduce in the learning process to make more engaging content

Mentor and guide

Teachers provide guidance, build confidence, recognise their students’ potential, and make good decisions. One of the most important responsibilities of a teacher as mentors and leaders, is to not only convey knowledge but also shape character, promote confidence, and inspire dreams.

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Another important role of teacher in the classroom is being a counselor. Teachers are more than simply teachers; they are also friends and helpers to their students. They recognise that academic success is tied to the emotional well-being of every student.

As a result of which, they provide assistance and advice. Teachers ensure that students feel cared for and confident in class by assisting them with schoolwork and personal difficulties.

As a counselor, teacher provide:

  • Encouragement
  • Life advice
  • Trust
  • Emotional support etc. 


Another role of teacher in the classroom is to keep their students motivated. Teachers have an important role in motivating pupils to perform their best. Role of a good teacher includes encouraging students to believe in themselves and work harder by acting as cheerleaders and boosters. 

As a motivator, they employ several strategies to make learning more engaging and fun for their students and to help them recognise the value in what they are doing. Students that are motivated enjoy studying more and do better in class.

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Role model

Teachers serve as role models for the value of honesty, determination, respect, and lifelong learning. Their students observe and often copy their acts, both large and tiny. 

Teachers have an important part in shaping students’ character and ideas, whether it’s how they handle problems, connect with others, or demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for their subject. 


The role of a good teacher includes not only educating but also standing out as an innovator in the classroom. Teachers must constantly adapt to various learning requirements and changing surroundings by embracing new methods, resources, and approaches. 

Teachers, as innovators, are willing to try new ways and use technology to keep learning relevant, interesting, and meaningful for their students.

How can teachers be an innovator?

  • By adapting to new technology to make the learning experience fun for students.
  • Staying updated with the latest educational trends and updates.
  • Breaking bigger concepts into small pieces for students to easily understand.
  • Trying different teaching methods to find what works best for students.

A guardian for students 

The role of teacher in the classroom is frequently expanded to include acting as a guardian for their students. They are the protective figures for each student, ensuring the child’s well-being and safety. Their presence makes children feel at ease, allowing them to focus on learning in a secure environment.

Role of a good teacher is to recognise when a student may require more assistance, sending them to appropriate services, and have emergency processes in place. This guardian position extends beyond basic instruction, emphasizing the teacher’s dedication to their students’ overall well-being.


In every classroom a teacher is responsible for shaping minds and guiding futures. From being a mentor to a guardian, their roles are many, but their goal is one which is to help each student shine. We have discussed about 7 roles of a teacher in the classroom but teachers play many roles in the classroom beyond this list. 

The role of teacher in the classroom FAQs

Q1. What is the primary role of teacher in the classroom?

A1. The primary role of teacher in classroom management is to facilitate learning, ensuring that students understand and absorb the curriculum content.

Q2. How do teachers adapt to different learning styles in the classroom?

A2. Teachers employ various teaching strategies, like visual aids, hands-on activities, and group discussions, to cater to diverse learning styles.

Q3. What are the responsibilities of a teacher?

A3. The responsibilities of a teacher also include classroom management, mentoring, providing guidance, being the role model etc. 

Q4. Why is feedback important in the teaching process?  

A4. Feedback helps teachers understand students’ needs, and make necessary adjustments for improved learning outcomes.

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