Roles and Responsibilities Of Teachers Outside The Classroom


The role of teachers in the classroom is extremely varied. She has to serve as a teacher, mentor, critic, counselor, motivator, and sometimes a friend in the classroom. The roles and responsibilities of a teacher can, however, go beyond the classroom. To foster the growth of a strong relationship with students or for other reasons, many teachers take responsibilities outside the classroom. A teacher can serve as a coach, club sponsor, tutor, or counselor outside of the classroom. The roles and responsibilities of a teacher outside the classroom are in no way less than her responsibilities inside the classroom. Let us have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a teacher outside the classroom.

Role as a counselor 

The role of teachers as counselors comes naturally to most teachers. Most schools employ counselors to deal with problems and non-academic issues that affect a student’s academic development. However, a lot of teachers themselves volunteer as student counselors. Typically, this is because a student feels more at ease confiding in a teacher she already likes than the school counselor. A class teacher spends a lot of time with kids in the classroom. Thus they might be the first to notice an issue the student may be dealing with.

Role as a Club patron

Beyond classroom teaching, some teachers volunteer to work as club sponsors. This is logical in certain cases as the course assignments of their teaching profession are a logical extension of the club. For instance, the fine arts teacher might be the best guide for an art exhibition, and the business teacher might be the right person to support students on their startup ideas. A math class teacher will best guide the math team, and a science teacher will play an important role in the innovation club. Besides, students are already comfortable with their teachers. Hence, club activities will be fun for them.

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Role as a tutor

Many schools offer the role of after-school tutor to their teachers. Sometimes a class teacher is even compensated for the tutoring beyond their classroom teaching. To augment their income or to provide additional teaching to help their pupils succeed in competitive examinations, a teacher teaching in a school might volunteer to work as after-school tutors. A teacher’s class pass rate and the possibility that the pupils would succeed both rise as a result of after-school tutoring.

Role as a coach

Sport enthusiastic teachers sometimes take up additional responsibility as physical education or sports coaches beyond their regular teaching profession. They may also volunteer to work as assistant coaches after their classroom teaching hours. Student achievement is facilitated by this setup both on and off the playing field. Knowing about the sport and having a good rapport in class have a positive effect on the student’s performance.

Role in school committee 

Throughout the academic year, the majority of teachers serve on several decision-making committees. There are committees where instructors can participate, for instance, to help create budgets, adopt new textbooks, create new policies, and appoint new mentors for new teachers. Being a member of these committees can be time and energy-consuming, but it gives the teacher teaching in an academy a say in what happens in their organization.

Role in parents’ communication 

A class teacher has to often call, email, and text the parents of their pupils. They discuss issues, keep them informed of their progress, and sometimes just call to establish a rapport. Additionally, they have in-person meetings with parents at planned conferences or whenever a situation calls for it. Teachers understand that a healthy relationship with their students’ parents is of paramount importance in their teaching profession and hence fulfill their duty towards the cause.

Responsibility for improving their teaching

Each student has a particular personality and requirements of his own. Teachers have to constantly change their teaching methods to address their needs. Precisely adapting their teaching styles to meet each student’s skills and shortcomings takes a lot of time and work. Effective teaching requires the use of instructional tactics. Every day, new teaching methods are being developed. To fulfill the requirements of each of their students, a teacher teaching in school has to adapt to a wide range of teaching methods. Constant learning and improvement is the key to being a good class teacher.

Role as a teacher mentor

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Whether a new employee is a first-year teacher or an experienced educator who has just joined a school, they all need specific attention and onboarding. All teachers should pay close attention to the various aspects involved in getting to know a new school. By playing the role of a teacher mentor to new teachers, a teacher teaching in the school participates in the teamwork of running the organization. This hones their leadership skills that come in handy while transitioning to bigger and more important roles in their teaching profession.

The Final Word

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