All you need to know about Edtech in India

The involvement of technology in education makes the learning process easier and more effective. If you talk about the introduction of Edtech, it already had stepped into the world of Education in India more than a decade earlier. During the times of pandemic, most students have been kept indoors away from schools and their coaching classes but all thanks to Edtech companies like Classplus which ensure that the learning must go on by offering a platform for educators to enhance their teaching skills as well as allowing students to explore new ways and ideas of learning.  

Edtech stands for education technology. When education is combined with technology and various software, computer applications, hardware programs, techniques and informatics are applied for educational purposes, it is called Edtech. The aim of the Edtech companies is nothing but to facilitate the learning process and improve the performance of students through technological processes. 

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Effect of Covid-19 on Edtech 

Education technology can impart its tools for educational purposes in both; online mode and offline mode. Although, introducing education along with modern technology existed already but speeded up after the occurrence of a covid-19 pandemic. Children were not able to go to school due to a lockdown for months in many countries of the world and it affected their studies. In such adverse situations, everyone relied on online education in India.

This somehow could help students stay in touch with their studies and learn courses they have in classes. The syllabus, session and test; all come with a predetermined schedule and a worksheet is given to students for completion after every lesson. The most important thing to note here is that covid-19 could affect the health, economy, social functions, lifestyle and career of people in the form of a pandemic but not studies. Even leading Edtech companies in India offered parents the learning plans at a lower price and with the facility of loan and EMI so that education couldn’t be interrupted. 

This gave rise to trust and reliability in online schools in India and parents could understand more about the importance of such learning methods apart from conventional studies. Earlier, parents wanted to rely upon the school administration and syllabus only for smart education of their children but now they know that a parallel learning program with technological learning procedure is available.

Advantages of Edtech 

You might have already imagined how useful it can be for students to learn through advanced technology and procedures. A lot is there to mention but in brief, it can be understood through the fact that students know the use of technology tools for learning

Here are some points to go through – 

  • No need for a classroom, physical assets and books in online mode. All the study material is preloaded on the tablet/laptop through which students learn and the teacher teaches and everyone in the class can have access to the study material without any hassles. 
  • In a pandemic or some other situation, when physical classes are not possible, online classes through technical mode can be conducted.
  • Students become smart in using hardware and software technology which is useful for their future. 
  • Teachers need not make physical notes and carry the burden everywhere they go (while being at work). Everything can be kept handy just by creating a soft copy and uploading it via Email. 
  • One of the best uses of technology in education is that teachers can easily create and assign tests to the students.
  • Parents get the freedom to choose from a variety of learning systems. 
  • Learning can be customized for different sets of students. For instance, if few students are not well –versed with a particular subject, they can be taught in extra-class online or a custom learning program can be made for them to learn the basics.

From this point of view, Edtech is going to create a revolutionary education system for higher education in India that would be different from the one we had a century ago. It will be helpful for students in the manner that they would already be an expert in computers and will be able to make impressive presentations for their business purpose in future. Edtech makes smart teachers and farsighted students.

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