6 Mistakes To Avoid Before Starting Your Educational YouTube Channel

Are you starting your own educational YouTube channel? Beware of these few YouTube mistakes to avoid before you start so you can work smoothly on your YouTube channel

Knowing in advance always helps us learn new things. In this blog, we will discuss some mistakes that you should avoid at any cost before you start your educational YouTube channel. 

YouTube mistakes to avoid

YouTube mistakes to avoid for your educational channel 

Here are a few YouTube mistakes to avoid when you start your YouTube channel.

1. Not creating attractive thumbnails for your videos

The very first thing that a viewer sees before clicking on the video is the thumbnail of the video. It should always be easy to read, bright-colored, and simple to understand. If creating a complicated thumbnail design it won’t be liked by the viewers because it will take too much of their time to understand it and then decide to watch the video. 

Attractive thumbnail is important to attract more viewers towards your video. Adding catchy images, creative font etc. will help you get more clicks and views on your video.

YouTube mistakes to avoid is to not complicate the design and keep it easy for the audience to understand and engage with your video.

YouTube channels keep this in mind while creating the thumbnails because thumbnails are equally important as titles and descriptions. You can use templates of thumbnails from various apps such as canvas, Promeo, Photodirector, and many more. 

2. Focusing only on views and subscribers

As soon as you start your educational YouTube channel, your focus will be on getting higher numbers of views on your videos and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Right?

Here are the other YouTube mistakes to avoid, it is important to understand that views and subscribers are long-term goals and they can be achieved. In order to get there you have to do a lot of different things. 

If you want to achieve your higher goals you need to focus on all the small steps that should be taken on its path such as impressions, CTR, Avg time duration, new and old viewers, watch time, and your traffic sources.

Understanding all these metrics is important to grow a YouTube channel.  Once you are able to understand all these metrics you can work on improving them and this will simultaneously lead to higher views and subscribers. 

3. Not experimenting with content

You know the biggest mistake with creators that get plateaued on the path to success is that they never experiment with their content. It is possible that you might make a mistake but, we always learn from our mistakes, so it is important to try new things and maybe it gives you a breakthrough that you never thought about.

The not-so-new change that came on the YouTube platform is the YouTube shorts that have helped a lot of creators to grow. 

Similarly, avoid the mistake of not experimenting. You can experiment with your content and try new things in your videos. It always helps to get a better impact. 

Instead of standing in the entire video you can try adding some slides, visuals, reference videos, and animations in order to make your content engaging and interactive

4. Not finding alternate solutions 

A slight inconvenience or hurdle in work and you find yourself stuck. Does this happen to you? Maybe sometimes right? Such times call for a brainstorming session and finding the best alternative solutions to your problem.

Many youtubers don’t focus on finding the solution and thus it becomes another YouTube mistake to avoid. You don’t have a camera, lights, and other equipment to shoot? Using a mobile phone with good camera quality and natural lighting can do wonders in a video if used properly.

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Wanna create great videos? Learn some keyword research skills online for free. There are multiple solutions to a problem, we just need to figure them out. 

5. Creating videos without research 

The biggest mistake creators make is doing the least amount of research about their topic. Even if you are a subject matter expert, researching is really important. Agreed it is not a fun task but researching your topic makes your content error-proof and acts as a fact-checker. The most important things to research before starting your educational YouTube channel are listed below:

  • Who is your competitor?
  • What is the audience searching for?
  • How can you create better content than your competitors?

Before moving on understand that these three simple questions if researched properly will lead to your growth with good content and easy acquisition of the viewers.

This is one of the major YouTube mistakes to avoid while creating your educational YouTube channel as this can really impact the engagement of your audience. 

6. Not creating intro videos

Many people start directly with the content videos and thus here they make a big mistake. In order to engage the audience with your content YouTube mistakes to avoid  is important to first start with an introduction video.

The first five seconds of the video decide whether the viewer will see the entire video or not. The introduction of any video binds the viewer to the video and hence creates their interest in your content. 

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The intro of the video should be attractive and not too long just like a brief about the video that is all you will be covered under the video. This helps the viewer understand what they will be learning in your video.

Final Thoughts

It is fine to make mistakes and learn from them but if you know some common errors that others make before you start your own YouTube channel, then it gives you an upper hand on the path of growth and success. It is always better to learn from other people’s mistakes and not repeat them. 

Here we discussed what YouTube mistakes to avoid before starting your educational YouTube channel and focusing on your growth. Keep your thumbnail attractive, research your topic, focus on small goals to achieve long-term goals, and many more. 

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Mistakes To Avoid Before Start Your Educational YouTube Channel FAQs

Q1. Is it important to research for a video?

A1. It is important to research your video before you start because then you will be able to create a video with the content that your viewers want and thus leading to better engagement on your channel. 

Q2. Is planning & scripting important for uploading a video?

A2. Yes, you should always create a script for your video that helps to keep things on track and you don’t miss out on anything important. It works as a plan for you. 

Q3. Should I ignore comments and feedback from viewers?

A3. No, viewers are very important and you should never ignore their comments and feedback. It is essential for improving your channel and content. Take the time to respond to comments and address any concerns or questions that viewers have.

Q4. Should I promote it on social media?

A4. Yes, you should definitely share your YouTube videos on social media platforms to get more engagement.