List Of Top Educational Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are merely online forums for discussion among people who have similar interests. There are numerous different Facebook groups. Some might simply involve people you are familiar with, such as your immediate family, sports team, coworkers, or school environment. Facebook as many educational groups as well for teachers to join and work on.

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Other Facebook groups are for complete strangers who want to connect around a shared interest. Basically, you can conceive of any topic, hobby, or need, and a Facebook group is likely already active on the platform. Examples include parenting, fitness, business, politics, local news, television shows, buy and sell, sports, celebrity fan clubs, education groups on Facebook, and a wide range of other topics.

List Of Top Educational Facebook GroupsList Of Top Educational Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups: How Do They Work?

A Facebook group can be difficult to maintain, just like any other community.

The administrators and moderators could operate in the background to maintain the community. They might ask the group thought-provoking, open-ended questions or simply urge participants to react. You may check the number of recent posts in any Facebook group you’re thinking about joining. This will help you determine whether the organization is active and whether joining would be worthwhile.

Smaller, more intimate groups and larger, busier groups can have advantages and disadvantages. It may be easier to get to know people and develop stronger relationships if you join a smaller group. Larger groups might provide more anonymity, but there will almost always be someone nearby to talk to. 

Information about a Facebook group

Here is a description of how Facebook Groups operate:

  • Facebook accounts are required in order to join or start a group there, but you are not required to update your profile or add friends if you don’t want to.
  • A group can be started by any Facebook user.
  • Many Facebook groups are private compared to certain Facebook groups that are public.
  • To join a Facebook group, you frequently need to ask for permission.
  • While some Facebook groups are public and searchable by anyone, some are private and require an invitation to join.
  • Up to 6000 Facebook groups are available for you to join. That would probably be a little difficult to keep track of, in our opinion.
  • Administrators and moderators for Facebook groups are chosen by the group founder. These people might start discussion threads, accept membership requests, and make sure everyone abides by the group rules.

Using the Facebook group as a learning management system:

Facebook is a well-known social networking platform. Because of its distinctive built-in features that provide pedagogical, social, and technological affordances. It is like many other new technologies, and it has the potential to be used for teaching and learning. In this study, the teacher’s Facebook group was utilized as a learning management system (LMS) in two courses at a teacher education institute. Facebook teacher groups are used for posting announcements, sharing materials, scheduling weekly tutorials, and conducting online conversations. This study examines the use of a Facebook group as a learning management system (LMS) and how students feel about utilizing it in their classes. 

Results indicated that students were generally happy with Facebook’s features because they could quickly apply the essential LMS capabilities in the Facebook group. There are several restrictions when using the education Facebook group as an LMS, though. The debate was not set up in a threaded structure, and it did not permit the direct upload of files in other formats. The students also didn’t feel secure and at ease because their privacy might be compromised. The limits of this study, constraints of using the Facebook group as an LMS, and consequences for practice are highlighted.

Some of the top Educational Facebook Groups for teachers and students in 2022

1. Amazing Educational Resources

With more than 156.7k members, it is a public Facebook community for educators and students to learn about the top educational resources.

2. Meta for Education Group

This is a network for the public and professional learning for teachers.

3. Creative High School English

The 21.4k members of this exclusive Facebook group are highly available for school English teachers looking to discuss innovative ideas for their courses.

4. Middle School Math Teachers

This is a private educational Facebook group for middle school math teachers to share the amazing moments happening in their classrooms.

5. Tech for World Language Teachers

This is a private educational Facebook group to share ideas and lesson plans and collaborate on how to integrate technology into the Foreign Language classroom.

6. kids learning with mom

Moms are the best teachers in everyone’s lives, according to a public Facebook group with more than 65k members. This group can be joined by any teacher who is available on facebook education groups.

7. English Speaking 101

For students who wish to study English, this private Facebook group is the most helpful. The total membership of this group is 1.5M.

The  Final Word

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