How to Use Social Media For Teaching Students

Scrolling social media has become one of the day-to-day activities in our life. We use social media for numerous purposes like communication, promotion, entertainment, etc. Social media doesn’t distract students if used appropriately. This blog will explain how to use social media for teaching students

Benefits of using Social media for education 

Communication became more uncomplicated with the advent of social media. In social media, even an introvert gets a chance to become an extrovert. Likewise, students who are shy to express their opinions will feel comfortable when they have an open social platform. They can effectively collaborate among themselves using social media networking

Students can get to know more about their peers, their interests, and learning goals and may get a chance to connect with like-minded students. From live sessions with a large group of students to direct interaction with individual students, everything is so simple and effective with the help of social media.

How to use social media for education 

1. Facebook group for conducting live sessions

If you are a teacher who loves to conduct more live sessions rather than uploading recorded lectures, you can create a Facebook group for your students and stream live classes. You can also post assignments, make announcements, and keep them engaged with your classes. 

2. Whatsapp group for easy sharing

You can create a Whatsapp group for students to share documents and materials related to your classes. Whatsapp groups are helpful for instant communication with students and their parents. Creating a separate group for their parents is a great option for discussing the performance and behavior of the students. Students can also communicate with their teachers instantly for doubt clarifications. 

3. Facebook or an Instagram page for the classroom activities

Since most of us are familiar with accessing social media platforms, students will be comfortable using them for education purposes. Creating a Facebook page for sharing updates, assignments, and homework can be easier to access for your students. You can also create an Instagram page displaying your students’ talents, skills, and achievements by tagging them with their images. It encourages the students and motivates them to achieve more.

4. Creating blog pages for your students

You can create blogs for your students on websites such as WordPress, Medium, and Blogger without much effort. Blogs are great options for expressing our thoughts and opinions to a large group of people. Encouraging your students to publish blogs for expressing their thoughts in the form of essays, poems, etc., can improve their writing skills. You can assign Writing assignments this way for proper social media utilization by your students. 

5. Social media for job searching 

Social media platforms like LinkedIn can be fruitful for graduated students searching for jobs. Students who study in schools and colleges can also look for part-time jobs, internships, and freelancing opportunities according to their skills through LinkedIn. Students have to upload their profiles displaying their talents and accomplishments. They can directly communicate with the recruiters on these platforms and look for job opportunities.

6. Utilizing Twitter as a classroom message board

Every traditional classroom has this habit of hanging a message board for displaying necessary announcements, inspiring quotes, and notices. You can use Twitter for the same purpose. It is specifically helpful for sending short announcements because of its word limit. You can also share assignment deadlines, quotes, short messages, and useful links to your students through Twitter. 

7. Instagram for visual learning and photo essays

Instagram is notable for sharing pictures and videos. Visual representation is one of the areas of learning that involves the usage of images, videos, animations, etc. Students can create a separate Instagram page for themselves where they can represent their thoughts in the form of pictures and videos. They can also use it for submitting photo essays since Instagram allows us to post images along with descriptions, location, etc. 

8. Pinterest boards for specific learning 

With Pinterest, we can create boards to save pins that are relevant to our interests. Using Pinterest boards for organizing teaching plans for every subject is a significant option for the teachers. It also helps students gather notes, materials, and everything related to specific topics on separate boards to revise before exams. 

To Sum Up

There are a lot of ways you can use social media for education. If you are a teacher conducting online classes, social media is a great platform to market and promote your courses. Utilize the splendid features of social media in education to enhance interaction for your students. If you are an educator looking to grow your online education business, create a teaching app using Classplus in less than a minute. You can create a customized teaching app according to your requirements using the excellent features of Classplus. To know more about Classplus connect with us.

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