How To Sell Your Courses Through Instagram


People used to sit with a cup of tea and read the newspaper back then, but now they spend the majority of their time scrolling through social media and communicating with friends all over the world. Social media is one of the fastest-growing industries, as well as one of the most important components of everyday life. With over 4.48 (count as of July 2021) billion people using social media worldwide, business owners, creators, e-commerce, and others must effectively leverage social media networks to get their message across and promote their products and services. Instagram has the most users of any social media platform and is regarded as the best of all social media networks. It is also praised as an excellent platform for developing and selling online courses. It is also considered a good online tool for expressing a person’s interests and allowing everyone to get to know one better.

How you can use Instagram to sell your course:

What is Instagram all about

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing application that can be used on mobile devices, desktop computers, or any other device with an internet connection. The platform provides a variety of options for creating a profile for personal use, business profiles, e-commerce, and many more. You can share your content with only your followers or with the entire community by making it public.

Who can use it

Instagram is a free social media platform, anyone can use it. Anyone, whether a company, an eCommerce site, or a local shop owner, can create their profile and grow their business using this platform. To begin, you must create an Instagram account by registering with your credentials and adding a detailed description of your business. Make your profile pertinent to your company. Add some additional social media links to your profile. To keep the profile active and engaging, begin posting photos and videos regularly.

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How can it be used

Instagram is a powerful tool that every aspiring online instructor should use because it allows them to promote their online courses and classes, reach out directly to targeted audiences, advertise their courses, and create additional customers. To make the most of Instagram, you simply need to be a good storyteller. Storytellers in the sense that you must be creative to share your thoughts through your photo posts and videos.

According to research, Instagram can help businesses increase their profits. Optimize your content as it plays a huge role in gaining followers and reach. The content on your feed must be of high quality and updated on a regular basis to attract new and ideal followers.

The proper hashtag for the Instagram page is required, with hashtags related to your targeted niche. You should avoid using the same and previously used Hashtags as this will result in spamming your account.

To target your audience, you must use unique captions, including stories about yourself or your students, sharing student successes, and providing hacks or tips that your target follower and future viewers would appreciate.

Engagement rates can be increased by including stories or useful information in captions. You can participate by responding to comments on your posts. Engagements help to keep your audience connected to your account.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy that aims to increase your course sales isn’t difficult; using Instagram simply requires some careful consideration.

Target Audience

Analyze your target audience. It is critical to have devoted followers in order to grow and achieve your sales goals. Start engaging with them from the start. You can also take inspiration from similar accounts and use it in your content.

Instagram Posts:

The platform will only benefit you if you understand how to use its tools and internal features. Instagram Posts include video images with captions and content that you can share on your feed.

Instagram stories

These are another component that you can use to increase the sales of an online course. You can add stories by using relevant hashtags, locations, and course links. You can also use the boomerang feature, and you can have Q&A sessions with polls over stories by including screenshots or images.

Following the ban of TikTok in India, Instagram introduced a new feature that is now constantly trending. Instagram Reels are nothing more than short videos with text in them. One should include a description and links to the courses contained within it. Today, reels have a greater reach on Instagram than normal posts.

Making Instagram highlights of the stories you’ve posted will help your audience better understand your Instagram page. Highlights may include student feedback, polls, Q&A sessions, Tutorials, Contact Me, Top Tips, team members, and so on. Within the first few moments of exploring your profile, new followers will learn about your expertise as a course creator.

Invite some of your students or audience to tag your Instagram page in their stories or posts. They can also repost your stories or post on their Instagram accounts to help you gain popularity. This can also be done in reverse. Also, there’s an option to link your Facebook account or page to your Instagram. You should do that for better reach.

Make the shopping feature available on your Instagram page. If you have a business account, you can sell your product directly through Instagram by linking the product details to the posts.

Externals tools

Aside from Instagram’s internal tools, there are numerous free tools available to help you create Instagram posts and Instagram stories, edit reel videos, and much more. Some of them are listed below.

Inshot video editor: This is a nice, straightforward app that allows you to not only edit videos but also adjust photos and create collages. There’s enough content to keep you entertained without spending a dime, as well as a wide range of effects to choose from.

Canva: design software that allows users to create custom banners, backgrounds, as well as other types of images that are specific to your industry

Snapseed: This is an iOS and Android photo-editing app that allows users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. Developed by Google.

Photoshop Express: This is a free mobile image editing and collage-making app from Adobe Inc. The app is available for phones and tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows. It can also be managed to install on Windows desktop computers running Windows 8 and later via the Microsoft Store.

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Repost: This is a tool that lets users repost pictures and videos from Instagram that they like while crediting the original Instagrammer.

Whether you have an Instagram account or not, I believe it is worthwhile to invest your time – if necessary – to connect with the audience. There is also a platform that provides everything in one location. Where one can create their profiles as an educator, conduct lectures, and much more. See the link for more information.