How to price your online dance courses?

It’s not always easy to calculate the price of online dance courses. Many individuals still struggle with how to set the pricing for their online dancing lessons. Perhaps you are also unsure if your pricing is appropriate? Pricing is challenging. There are a hundred different considerations when creating or setting the price for a dancing lesson. Here is the perfect guide for you to price your online dance courses.

It’s important to take some time to consider the important aspects that might affect your price selection because there isn’t a certain pricing approach that works for everyone.

What are you offering

Every learning experience involves some change, which ultimately distinguishes your online dance course from others and might make it worthwhile. Courses that enable students to increase their income and save time, or self-acceptance and self hurdles frequently command higher prices.

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Compared to a course that offers a full-form dance lesson that will change or add value to students’ lives, your course fee may be lower if you provide fundamental knowledge or a simple type of dance.

Creating Cost

The cost of the charges you will incur while creating the online dancing class is known as the creating cost. It includes several costs. As you would employ a videographer to capture your dance video, you might need an editor to put it together and a location to film your video where you might have to pay rent.

If you’re shooting a professional dance performance like kathakali or Bharatanatyam, there may be additional costs like backdrops or decorations you’ll require, in addition to a makeup artist. You must incorporate all these little costs if you want to make money off of your online dancing lesson.

Promotional Cost for Your Online Dance Courses

It’s critical to factor in advertising costs in addition to the price of your course. How much extra time and money are you putting into producing a blog post or creating an email newsletter.

How much will it cost you to conduct an ad campaign through Google, Facebook, etc. if you don’t have a huge audience to reach? Compared to a more expensive course, you will need to make more sales from lesser-priced courses to compensate for your advertising expense. If you can’t advertise it naturally, you’ll need to use sponsored advertising, which will need a larger expenditure. Thus the cost of the dancing class should reflect that.

Low cost less profit

The success of your course may be substantially and negatively impacted by pricing it too cheap.

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Offering your program too cheaply could increase the number of students who enroll, but the low price hurts your course’s overall profitability. In addition, many people assume that if a course is offered at a low cost, it must not be very excellent or up to par.


Investigating competing courses in your target market is crucial in determining how much to charge for your online dance course.

-What is the other creator’s price range?

-Which dance styles are being taught in their online dancing class?

-What added benefits do they provide for their audience?

Nevertheless, knowing who your rivals are is still crucial to the procedure. It will help you better grasp the pricing strategies used by others in your field and teach you how to set your course’s price in a way that is all your own.

Value of your online dance courses

It’s crucial to consider the worth of what you’re delivering when deciding how much to charge for your course.

The level of your course materials is crucial. The value of your course will double if it helps students achieve their greatest results.

Online Community

Your students will have the chance to engage, network, and exchange ideas with one another by participating in a community, which will enhance the value of your course. The value of these connections alone can be quite high.

You may start discussions, arrange material, and manage your audience on an online community platform to keep things civil.

Q&A Session

Although content is crucial, most consumers prefer and are willing to pay significantly more for continuing access to you as the teacher.

You may strengthen your interaction with your students and address their most important issues by setting up regular Q&A sessions and webinars where they can see you. For this type of specialized real-time access, many designers add hundreds of dollars to the cost of their course, and it works.

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