How to motivate failed students

A student is the future of the country. Teachers and parents want them to succeed in every exam of their life. But sometimes, due to over-expectations, students become afraid of being a failure. We hate failure because it ruins our confidence, makes us more depressed and closes the path to achieving anything further. Therefore, building confidence and self-motivation in students from the first day of their academic life is essential. Teachers and parents can motivate failed students with a positive attitude and activities. Here are tips for teachers and parents on how they can motivate failed students. 

Failure is The Key To Success

Have you ever considered identifying a student who fails to accept failure? Here are some of the tracks to find out:

  • Some students refuse to speak
  • They do not participate in any event on their own
  • They are perfectionists
  • They are brilliant, but they struggle to put two sentences together
  • They feel shy to interact 

All these things lead to the inability to deal with failure where society constantly demands to win and stresses over-achievement. 

How to Motivate failed Students

Falling students make teachers emotional or frustrated as they consider it their own mistake. Some believe that the student is unable to grasp the concept. The over-expectation leads to demotivation of the student. It can push the student to failure or make him more depressed after failing something meaningful. 

Teachers and parents should cooperate with the student and motivate them. They should also encourage them after failure for future success. Here are some essential paths one can follow to motivate students and stay positive. 

Do not overreact

Teachers want students to improve and be successful in every possible way and continue correcting their mistakes. Parents and teachers should understand that making mistakes is the base of learning. Students will make mistakes if the teaching is correct. 

The whole point is not to fuss or overreact if the student makes any mistake but to know if he has understood the error and is ready to rectify it for future success. 

Involve Parents

Parents can make a difference, so it is a good idea to involve them early. Responsibility to motivate kids is not restricted to school, but it is more important to play the same role at home. Allow parents to share their views and plans. 

Give them specific ideas about how they can motivate their kids at home and not discourage them with the story of failure. Meetings with the parents are essential periodically to keep up the awareness. 

Look for Underlying Problems

When you can locate a kid demotivated after being a failure in an exam or a project, the foremost thing to do is to understand the underlying problem. Then, you can advise the student who fails by identifying the real reason for demotivation. For example, suppose a student does not speak the English language well enough. 

In that case, you can start motivating by encouraging the student to take a good course like TEFL, an introductory course for learning English as a foreign language. In addition, certification programs make a student more confident and motivated for future success. 

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Teach Students to Make Fair Decision

As a teacher, keep an eye over the students socially who feel demotivated. Address the problem in the class or individually delicately and without being rude. Ask them how they will react or what they will do if the same thing happens with their close friends or siblings. Help them to make a fair decision. 

The motive is to make children think compassionately about themselves as they will for their near ones. Ask them when they will not make sad to their loved ones and then why they will do that to themselves. They will understand how to be kind to themselves. 

Explain Learning Pit

Pupils will stumble while learning, which is why they are teaching. ‘Learning Pit ‘is a simple idea to teach kids that problems are common in the journey of learning. We are always in the pit of uncertainty while in this process. We must face the challenge of failure and understand by this failure, our deep thinking and learning are happening. 

Learn New Things From Your Students

When you have tried and done everything possible to motivate them yet think something more can be done, try to put the students in your position and learn from them. Ask them, ‘can you help me with this issue?’ and see the reaction. Try to learn something new in the present generation that you are not much aware of yet students are interested in. 

The positive learning interaction will help them regain the confidence level they might have lost due to some failure. Celebrate and Embrace Failure 

To Sum Up

Encouraging the failed students in the class is challenging as it requires teaching them how to open up, relax and not take themselves too seriously. Motivation in education is essential, and the teacher and parents can do that easily. Even in today’s fast-paced world and online education, teachers can take the help of some platforms like Classplus, which has created a perfect space for the teachers, students, and parents to interact and educate from a distance by creating their world. 

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Technology, along with kindness, can enhance the possibility of positive life. 

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