How To Create An Online English-Speaking Course For Beginners?

How will you communicate if you travel to a new state or country and their native language is not the same as yours? Or if someone visits your city and asks you something, how would you help them? What if, in business or job, you cannot talk to customers because of a lack of confidence in English speaking? Many more questions like this make one consider the importance of English speaking nowadays. 

English is the global language among the orators of thousands of different languages. The English language helps to communicate with people unfamiliar with your local language. Speaking English with confidence can open numerous opportunities for you.

  • A higher pay scale
  • Make Travel easier
  • Gives power and confidence to speak
  • Helps to make more connections
  • Job opportunities

If you are an expert in the English language and want people to overcome their fear of speaking English confidently? If you want to create an online course for beginners? But don’t know where and how to start? Then read the further article to get a clear answer to your doubts regarding creating an online English-speaking course for beginners.

How you can create an online English speaking course with Classplus?

Get your unique app

With the help of Classplus, you can make managing and conducting classes easier. Get your own customized app where you can teach and sell your courses from one place. This will save both time and extra expenses. You can decide the number of students in each batch, group names, modules to be uploaded, and much more. 

Creating Website

Classplus provides you with an app where you can update the detailed description of your spoken English course. So that people will know the originality and necessary details about your spoken English course for beginners. Details to be included

(1) Course name – Spoken English Course for Beginners

(2) Modules to be taught

(3)Beginner level

(4)course fees

(5)Enrollment procedure

(6)Duration of the course

(7)Name and designation of teacher

(8)Benefits of joining your spoken English course

(9)Contact details

Live Classes and Recorded Lessons 

Your course is for spoken English for beginners, meaning it is necessary to interact with and observe each student and their knowledge of the subject. Classplus allows you to set up multiple live classes with automatic recording. Your student will not remember everything; they may miss out on something or have problems pronouncing some words.

Features of recorded lessons after each live class give students practice and master what they learned in their spoken English class. One of the best features of Classplus is that it provides SSL security in live classes, ensuring zero data piracy. 

Conducting Online Test and Tracking Performance

A spoken English course is not something you learn by writing but by practicing more and more. You can take an online spoken test and evaluate each student’s performance. Provide them with spoken English assignments. With the app’s unique feature, you can track and keep records of all students’ progress.

Payments – Made Easy with Classplus

Teachers do not have to remind students or keep checking on payment details. Which student has paid the fees or not? Classplus provides the feature of managing payment in which a reminder message through email and SMS will be sent to parents or students as the day of payment close by. 

Sell your English speaking course

If you wish to sell your spoken English course globally, Classplus will help you again. It will list and sell your course to numerous students across the globe to access your informative study material. It will help in marketing your course through branding, advertisement, collaborations, and more. 

Final Note

Isn’t this a great deal to lock! You can avail of so many features from one place without the hustle of going to different platforms for creating websites, downloading apps for conducting classes and assigning tests, selling courses, and much more. With the help of Classplus, you can create your spoken English course easily and best. In this journey of teaching and building confidence in speaking English for students, Classplus will be your guide and best support to run your classes effectively. 

Classplus is an e-platform that helps teacher/tutors to expand their online coaching business by providing them their own app. Teachers can conduct and manage classrooms more effectively. It has simplified each task for teachers in a well-constructed manner. You, as a tutor, can get a unique app according to your preferences and budget with the help of Classplus. It provides your customized app, including logo design, color scheme, welcome message, system preference, and more. It all will be done in your budget only.

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