How to create a finance course online

The last two years of the pandemic have given us every reason to stay inside the home and continue the learning process. This period has taught us to manage our money and finance. Various online finance course have played an essential role in educating us and managing financials better. Teachers and tutors are the pioneers in creating and developing finance course online.

Before we know how to create a finance course online, it is necessary to know about finance courses. The finance course consists of accounting, banking, bookkeeping, finance management & analysis fundamentals. To create courses related to finance, it is necessary to know the basics of all the subjects that should be part of it. Let’s understand the step-by-step process of creating a finance course.

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Pick the particular finance course

To create an excellent and knowledgeable financial course, a teacher or tutor must have an idea about the topic, love to teach the concepts, and should choose those financial topics that students and audience want to learn. 

Know whether the subject is in demand?

Many subjects can be created in financial courses like banking coursesinternational financial management, accounting, budgeting, etc. Before creating the course, it is necessary to know whether the people will accept the course idea. Research is needed at this stage to know:

  • What questions are asked by the people? 
  • Whether the present financial courses have education and learning gaps?
  • How to cover some trending topics more engagingly?

Teachers can test their idea for the financial course by creating a landing page 

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Research on the subject & preparation

To create good content, it is necessary to do extensive research on the subject. Teachers, who are experts in the finance field or new to the finance subject, are required to collect the volume of information people are searching for. At this stage, a teacher is also necessary to know the skills and knowledge to obtain. The information gathered is then selected and sorted. 

Making course outline & plan

It is time to prepare an outline of the course covering the lessons a teacher wants to teach. The finance lessons should be divided into primary and sub-topics. It should be arranged in proper order like, from basics to advance. To create a course outline, a teacher should know what students already know, what they want to learn, and how to present the content properly. 

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Final content creation

The final content is created for all the contents that have been selected and based on the online course made. This content becomes the base upon which a teacher can start taking sessions on the relevant courses.

Choosing an engaging method of delivering the courses

The course will not get maximum views if your content is good but the delivery method is not good and interesting. Therefore it is necessary to design the course with engaging learning styles. Use good visuals, fun & story videos, live sessions, social elements, and time-bound.

Filming, recording, and editing

At the almost final stage, a teacher can start filming the financial statement analysis and other subjects of the finance course. With simple equipment like a camera and recording system, a teacher can record the recorded delivery and do the necessary editing to ensure better learning outcomes.

Bringing course online

Now the course is ready to be hosted on the online platform. The different ways in which the finance course can be presented are:

  • One-to-one real-time lessons.
  • Channel subscriptions.
  • Paid plans.
  • Lessons for rent or purchase. 

Marketing and feedback

The online course launched can be marketed through various means like social media marketing, email marketing, and other methods. Feedback can be collected by the users and improvements can be made in the course. Student experience about the course and suggestions are taken to improve the course. 


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When you are a teacher engaged in imparting education and learning on finance courses through online mode, you need to create and develop the course considering various aspects. The demand of the course, getting started with basics, creating curriculum, recording, promoting, and selling, of course, form part of the course creation. A teacher can create an engaging course and practical learning experience through these steps. 

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