5 Tips to choose the best topic to teach for your online course

You want to create your online course. But you are confused about the best topic to choose for your online course. In this article, we discuss certain criteria you can use to choose the topic. Choosing the right topic will save you time and disappointment down the lane. You don’t want to create a course that no one will buy. Neither do you want to teach something you don’t like?

The aim of creating this course should be to gain profit and internal satisfaction. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the topic for your online course:

What are you good at?

People value expertise in any field. This is especially true in the teaching field. If you are an expert at something, people will be ready to learn from you for a good fee. So, what are you good at? What skills do you have? What did you study in your formal education? Answer these questions and list the subjects and topics you can teach.

You can teach the subject you studied during your graduation or post-graduation. You can also teach a subject you were good at in school. And if you can’t find anything, try to remember when someone said you were good at something. You can choose to teach just about anything. It could be conventional subjects like Maths, Science or Social Sciences. Or it could be something unconventional like soft skills, public speaking, singing or dancing.

Check out the best-selling courses on other online course platforms

There are a lot of online course platforms out there. Course creators upload their courses on these platforms. Go on these platforms and search for keywords related to your niche. And see what kind of courses are created. Check which of the courses are getting a good response from the students. This will give you a list of topics on which you can create a course.

Fill the gap in the market

When you do the research suggested above, you will find some topics or subtopics on which no online course exists. But if you did create a course on such a topic, would people buy it? How do you check if there’s a demand for this topic? Check out the keyword search volume of that topic in any free keyword tool. If the search volume is good, there is a demand for that topic. You can fill the gap in the market by creating a course on it.

Check out quora and see the questions people ask related to your niche. This will give you an idea about the topics not covered by the existing courses.

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Test the course topic

Before creating an online course, it is a good idea to test its demand. How do you do that? Create a landing page. Explain what your course is about and what it offers. And see if people sign up. Next, take a poll on any of the social media platforms. Give them a few choices regarding what they would want to learn about. Once the poll results are in, choose the topic that gets the most votes.

You can send emails to your email list and check the feedback. If the people show genuine interest in the course, you can start working on creating the course. As a course creator, you teach people what they need. You can’t create a course on any random topic with no market demand and expect people to buy it. So, choose the topic wisely.

Believe it or not, you can also pre-sell your course. You can tell people what the course will entail. And see the response of the students. This will give you buyers even before the course is ready. Then, if you see that many people are buying the course, you can start planning it and record videos for it.

What are you passionate about?

This is probably the most important criterion when choosing the field to start teaching in. You may try to choose something that is in demand and highly profitable, but you won’t be able to keep the same energy and enthusiasm in teaching in the long run. Doing something you don’t like drains your energy. While doing something you are passionate about fills you with more energy. This may seem like an obvious criterion. But you would be surprised how many people choose something they don’t like just because there is better money in other fields.

You need to enjoy your work as a course creator. Only then can you keep up your productivity and physical and mental well-being. So ask yourself – what is it that you are passionate about? Then, create a course on that topic when you figure out the answer.

Use the tips above to choose a topic and start creating the course. You can upload this course on your app. Classplus can help you with the technical tasks of creating an app for your coaching class. We take the technical tasks off your hand so you can focus on the actual teaching part.

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