How To Avoid Comparing Yourself To Other Teachers?

Comparing yourself to other teachers can be a source of anxiety. One can be consumed by how well-organized these teachers and educators were with their lesson planning as you scroll through your social media feed. They have reopening plans, back-to-school festivities planned, and classrooms put up when all you have are unanswered questions and pictures of their classrooms. We, the teachers, can burn out, and your mental health suffers as a result. As a teacher,  be confident of your capabilities. Here is a list of a few actions you can take to take charge of your teaching feeling.

  • Family and friends

Nothing puts a smile on your face like a cup of coffee with your friends. Your family and buddies will always support the teacher and teach you. They will recognize your strengths even when you are unable to recognize them in yourself. So, talk it out with your near and dear ones.

  • Journaling

Journaling is writing down your thoughts, and it is very important for teachers and teaching. But, what to do with all those negative teaching feelings? Writing down your feelings can be therapeutic. Writing these thoughts down on paper in the form of a memo allows you to get them out of your head. You don’t have to think about them if they’re written down. 

  • Digital break

You are a teacher, and you very well realize that social media is an extremely effective instrument. However, you should know it’s time to turn it off when you’re going through your feed and feeling particularly incompetent. Grabbing a vacation from social media can help you get rid of the adverse stimuli that make you feel inept and inadequate. If logging out doesn’t work, try deleting the apps entirely.

  • Talk to yourself

We, the teachers, are the severest reviewers of ourselves. You may not be great at organizing school functions, but you could be great at technology and giving an engaging class. However, concentrating on what we can champion and exceed can help us understand that we have more to offer than we acknowledge. Understand yourself as a teacher and teaching partner.

  • Affirmations

When adverse thoughts start to occupy your mind, chop them then and there, and fix them at their origin with a firm “No.” You make your own decisions. One of the nicest strategies to stay positive is to conserve all thank-you messages and other compliments you have earned as a teacher on your work desk. There is no way you should be comparing yourself to other teachers teaching. 

  • Follow your passion

When we aren’t enthusiastic about a certain component of teaching, the comparison game can occur. It’s so easy to compare yourself to a colleague who is gifted at something. Your passion and expertise may be different. You may be good at art-integrated curriculum. As a new teacher, you have to realize that you can’t be the master of all skills. 

  • Professional Development

Attending graduate-level conferences, doing a certification course, or even reading a book about useful methods or research-based strategies encourages a new teacher to keep evolving in the ever-changing world of disciplines. Knowing that you will be able to add something new to your repertoire makes you feel more productive and successful. 

At The End

Finally, resisting the urge to compare ourselves to others can help us overcome the negative teaching feeling. Everyone benefits when we direct our positive ideas, words, and actions toward our curriculum, education, and relationships. 

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