How Technology is Important in Education?

Technology has now become an integral part of today’s education. As technology helps in every aspect of our life, it plays a significant role in education. After the digitalization of learning, technology is being gradually infused into it in various ways. Utilizing technology in the field of education has numerous benefits for both teachers and students. In this blog, we will look at the importance of technology in online education and its advantages. 

Why is technology important in education?

Apart from traditional education, technology related app features provide students with a wide range of opportunities to make learning easier. With technology, accessing numerous resources becomes simple as everything is available online. And students no need to worry about spending lots of time searching for the study materials. 

Technology helps students become independent in choosing the study material that suits them. Likewise, teachers would also find more ways to make teaching more effective for their students through technology. 

Teachers would also find a chance to upskill themselves constantly by learning online. They would become aware of the teaching methods that make their students listen interestingly. Technology helps in improving the quality of teaching and learning. 

Benefits of using technology in education

Learning becomes more personalized

Technology in education makes learning more personalized to everyone. Students can access the resources and learn whenever and wherever they want. Nowadays, online courses are tailored in a way that provides a customized learning plan that suits every student’s needs. Because of technology, students can learn at their pace which is difficult in a traditional classroom. They would also get assistance according to their needs. Artificial intelligence is used in online learning platforms for providing customized learning for students.

Breaks all barriers 

We would have seen so many times when students were not able to go to school because of the natural weather changes, rainfall, etc. But nothing stops them from learning if we use technology. We have to make sure whether internet connectivity and power supply are in proper condition and students can learn at their homes peacefully no matter what is happening outside. Some students would find it difficult to apply to their dream universities and institutions because of the distance. They would have to travel a long way to reach the place where the university is located. But technology helps us to break all these geographical barriers and makes education available in the comfort of our homes. By adopting online learning, we can also reduce the expenses like travel and accommodation costs and also the money we spend buying physical textbooks.

New ways of communication

Since students are not sitting together in a virtual classroom like in a traditional classroom, it doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate with one another. There are numerous different ways such as chat, forums, discussions, group activities, etc to increase communication between the students. Apart from that, teachers can also try some educational games to make their students play together to encourage collaboration. Gamification is a new technique given by technology that makes learning more interesting for the students. 

Simplified access and storage 

Students don’t have to worry about accessing various resources for references. They can access whatever study material they want by just sitting in their homes. They don’t need to worry about keeping their materials safe, as everything is stored digitally, and the probability of data loss is very less compared to the physical materials. Teachers can also store student data, scores, etc digitally which makes data access and data search easier. 

Enhanced learning experience 

Learning online helps the students to learn more about tools and technologies parallelly apart from learning their courses. Since professions in every field require knowledge of technology, the future generation would not suffer much if they experience online learning from now on. Learning technology at a young age will help them to become more confident and learn any new technology faster in the future.

Increases productivity

Technology helps us to keep track of everything. Likewise, students can keep a track of their learning progress easily using planners, and to-do apps available online and can find out where they lag and need improvement.  Using online calendars, they would keep a list of the important dates and deadlines which makes them attentive throughout the year and this results in increased productivity. 

Improves creativity

In a traditional classroom, an assignment is all about writing things on paper and submitting it. However, a student learning in an online environment has a variety of chances to showcase his/her creativity. They can do their assignments in the form of presentations, pictures, videos, etc which in turn improves their creativity. Students can also try new methods and find out the best method that suits them to reveal their talent.

At The End

Since technology is evolving every day, its application in education will also multiply tremendously. It is not going to stop wherever it is now. Technology in online teaching also encourages the students to progress quicker. By implementing the appropriate technologies in teaching, the teachers can see a drastic change in their classrooms where students participate willingly and are more interested to learn every day.

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