How Can Teachers Take Care Of Eye Strain During Online Classes?

Nowadays, digital eye strains are one of the most common problems for teachers because of online classes. Teachers have to spend more time looking at computer screens than students do. They have to prepare lessons online, edit and post videos, host webinars, clarify every student’s doubts in Zoom or Google meet, track attendance, evaluate students’ performance, etc., when they handle online classes. So, they would face various eye strain symptoms like blurry vision, dry eyes, irritation, and more. 

This blog will help every teacher on how to fix eye strain while handling online classes. 

How Can Teachers Take Care Of Eye Strain During Online Classes?

1 Opt for larger screens 

If you are a teacher who handles online classes using smartphones, please try to stop that right now. Mobile screens make texts appear smaller and create more strain on your eyes. So, invest in laptops or bigger screen tablets for online classes to keep your eyes feel less stressed. 

2 Invest in blue light glasses 

Choose a pair of stylish blue light glasses even if you are not a specs person. These glasses will provide eye strain relief while looking at screens for extended hours and prevent headaches. These glasses help you more when you work on computers during the night. 

3 Eye exercises 

We all do exercises to keep our bodies healthy and fit. However, do you think exercising for your eyes? Well, you can do some eye exercises to lower the stress on your eyes and keep them relaxed. While working on computers, try to perform eye exercises like blinking, rolling, looking at a distant object, etc., to relax your eye muscles. Give your eyes a break by closing them for some time or looking away from the screen. 

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4 Opt for bigger fonts 

When you keep the font size of your phones and laptops smaller, you have to look at them with more strain. So, whenever you read something on the digital screen, set the font size to large to make your reading easier. 

5 Focus on other activities 

After spending an entire day handling online classes, don’t again use digital devices for relaxation and entertainment. Engage in activities like sports, reading, gardening, walking, etc., that give refreshment to your whole body and relax your eye muscles. 

6 Adjust the screen brightness level

If you work with highly brighter screens, your eyes will become tired soon. In addition to that, constantly looking at screens with brighter screens will also cause headaches. So, adjust it to an appropriate level and work with dimmer screens. You can also turn on the night light feature on your laptop to work efficiently at night. 

7 Maintain correct posture 

Does improper posture create strain on the eyes? Yes, it does. When you are not sitting in proper posture, your neck and eye muscles have to stretch or bend to look into the screen, which creates additional strain on your eyes. So, invest in comfortable chairs and desks to prevent yourself from getting the wrong posture. 

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8 Healthy diet 

Maintaining a proper food diet is essential for the appropriate functioning of all our organs. Try to maintain a food routine that includes essential nutrients to keep your body healthy. Include foods that are rich in vitamin E, C, zinc, and more nutrients to keep your eyes healthy. Also, remember to drink an adequate amount of water to make your body and eyes hydrated. 

9 The 20-20-20 rule 

You might have heard about this rule somewhere. It says that for every 20 minutes you spend looking at the screen, try to shift your focus on an object that is 20 meters away from you for 20 seconds. This rule helps a lot to relax your eyes and relieves eye strain from the screen

10 Check your room’s brightness 

The light of your room should also be appropriate when you work on screens. Don’t work in a darker space as it may make the screen appear brighter. Also, ensure your device is not located opposite the room’s light or sunlight because the glare it creates may cause eye strain from the computer.

11 Get the right amount of sleep 

Nothing gives your eyes rest other than a sound sleep. Try to sleep for at least seven to eight hours every day to relax your eyes. Also, avoid looking at the screen for some time right after you wake up and before going to bed. Practicing digital detoxification once a week will help you be healthy both physically and mentally. 

To Wrap Up 

Online classes are beneficial for both the students and teachers to teach and study in the comfort of their house, but one of its primary disadvantages is we have to look at computer screens for a longer period. Try adopting all the above strategies to make your eyes healthy and relaxed. 

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