How Can Teachers Improve Students’ Performance Through Conversations?

Despite the teacher’s massive knowledge, if he/she can’t communicate or interact better, it gets strenuous for students to cope or clear doubt. It will affect students’ performance. We have often seen teachers stick to only one way of teaching and do not use different strategies. As every student is different, the time required to master the topic differs too. To ameliorate students’ performance, it is essential to give it the required attention, commitment, and a solid strategy. Positive interaction between teacher and student will be helpful in the learning process and meet students’ developmental and academic needs. Good communication plays a crucial role in building up the career of students. Effectual communication plays an important role in developing the character and standard of a student’s education.

Does teacher-student interaction and conversation affect students’ learning ? 

Yes, teachers’ skills and ways of communication motivate the students to increase their ability in the field of education. (a) By showing interest in a student’s opinions will make them feel that their thoughts or ideas are appreciated. It increases self-esteem and confidence. (b) A positive teacher-student interaction helps students’ social, intellectual, and emotional growth and enhances their mental well-being. (c) The teacher by conducting group discussion can determine if students were able to retain the imparted information or not. (d) Communication motivates and encourages the students to enhance their abilities and to work hard. 

 It is important and necessary that the teachers should communicate with students in an effective manner. 

What are the ways through which you as a teacher can improve students’ performance through conversations?

  • Positive Learning Environment 

As a teacher, you must have a positive mindset before getting class started. A positive class environment helps in managing and increasing cooperation in the classroom. In addition, a positive conversation between teacher and student makes the class more engaging, making it an ideal learning environment. As a result, students are more disciplined and excited to learn. 

  • Be a Good Listener 

Teachers need to be effective listeners to connect with and understand the students. Take time for conversation and use open-ended questions to get clarity on students’ thoughts and ideas. You will be able to recognize students’ interests, which can help to structure modules or lessons to motivate and challenge them to do better. When a student is sharing or discussing his/her thoughts or problems, try to give them an empathetic response which helps the student to understand that you respect them and their feelings. You can’t know your students’ strengths and weaknesses without effective listening.

  • Group Discussion and Assigning Interesting Projects 

Group Discussion is the positive approach to reaching out to each student and enhancing their analytical and logical skills. It encourages students to participate actively. When you begin a group discussion, students learn about the topic in great depth. Group discussion generally involves questions, counter questions along with solutions. You can teach the concept step-by-step through productive group discussion rather than making them understand it all in one go. At the end of the discussion, you can figure out what kind of projects to assign to students so that their enthusiasm level to learn will increase and do active participation in completing the project. Interesting projects help students to retain knowledge more effectively. So, with group discussion, students, along with knowledge gains, learn different skills that enhance their personality and help their overall growth.

  • Give and Take Feedback 

Constructive feedback can do wonders in improving a student’s performance. It gives students an explanation of what is accurate and inaccurate about their work. The effective feedback is clear and considers motivation and learning, not just marks or grades. Instead of circling every error in the sheet and decreasing the student’s morale. You can tell them ‘how they can improve’ and advise related books. At the same time, teachers must take feedback from students. You can ask them questions like,

  1. Does my teaching method require any change? 
  2. Do you want any changes in the pattern of my teaching? 
  3. Am I able to make you understand the topic easily?
  4. Do you hesitate to ask questions, or if you have any queries or doubts regarding a topic, we can discuss it later? 

The Final Word

Here are some ways to improve student performance through effective communication. Teaching is not an easy job. You have to develop new teaching methods and techniques to make genuine and empathetic relationships with individual students. 
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