How Can Bloggers Create Online Courses?

Are you a blogger? Do you want to create an online course? Want to increase your income and boost your business? Want to have an edge over other novice course creators? If yes! then this article is for you. 

As a blogger, you have your niche and keep on publishing your articles or blog posts related to that. Due to this, you have an established audience. So, why not create your online course that not only helps in increasing your income but to reach your established and new audience easily and effectively. If you are a blogger and want to create online courses and don’t know where and how to start? Do follow the given steps which not only help you in creating your online course but also in marketing and selling your courses

How Can Bloggers Create Online Courses?

Choose your niche

Before creating an online course. First know, on what subject or topic your content is about? As a blogger, you must have your niche in which you write and publish. Either it’s related to education, fitness, technology, or some other. It’s better to create your online course on that particular topic in which you have knowledge and experience of teaching rather than making a course on some other topic that may be new to you. 

Know what your audience wants 

By blogging, you have already an established audience who is interested and have subscribed to your blog post. By interacting in comments and asking such questions related to your niche, for example, your blog is about computers and the tech world, ask, What is your biggest struggle in learning a programming language? If it’s about fitness and yoga, ask, what is your next goal and what’s stopping you from getting there?

By seeing the response you can conclude what kind, of course, to start with and what major things to keep in mind while creating your online course. 

Create your website and app

You must have a website where you publish your article but for creating and running an online course, you must have a different and unique website and app where it gets easy for you to conduct and manage classes effectively. Having a unique website and app helps a new audience to get details about your courses. You can go for Classplus, an educational e-platform for teachers that can help you in creating websites and apps according to your preference and budget.  

Course Outline 

If you are providing courses and want maximum students to get enrolled then provide details like:

(1) Name of your online class and course 

(2) Modules which will be provided 

(3) Duration 

(4) Registration Procedure 

(6) Fees 

(7) Payment mode 

(8) Contact details 

(9) Name and designation of teacher

 (10) Reviews of former students 

(11) Discounts/coupons and much more. 

Giving necessary details shows the originality and authenticity of your course. 

Host your course at Classplus 

There are many platforms where you can host your course. But choosing Classplus will be the best option as it gives you immense features it provides with its unique website and app as discussed above which makes creating and managing courses much simpler. It helps you to sell your courses and study material to numerous students across the globe and ensure safe and secured payments providing a seamless experience. 

Market your courses 

You have created your course and being an established blogger in your niche, have an edge over other novice course creators and have an established audience too. When it comes to selling courses as a blogger, you don’t have to worry about the audience. Because you already have one. 

You can add a lightbox pop-up on your blog website to promote your course. But still, to reach new and wider audiences you must advertise through various social media platforms. Every student uses Facebook and Instagram extensively, you can make study pages related to online courses and can share your articles as posts daily. Following this, it will engage more new audiences on your page and in groups. When a student searches for any topic on youtube, you can advertise your online course before the video starts. Being active on social media will help to target and build a wider community around your blog as well as your business while driving more audience to your website.

Email Campaign

Almost everyone ends up checking their emails on their smartphone or laptop at one point. We often receive promotional emails and such e-mail marketing has the power to convert expected students into enrollments. Email campaigns will be beneficial in selling online courses. 

The Final Word

Above are listed major steps to follow for starting an online course. Start your online class with the help and support of Classplus which not only helps you in managing classroom and track performance but also in selling your course  allowing students across the globe to access your study courses. Book your free demo to see how Classplus can help you boost your business. 

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