Essentials That Teachers Must Keep In Their Bags

School students pack their bags with all the essential school supplies, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc., while getting ready for their everyday school. Likewise, there are essential things for teachers to pack before starting their day at school. Though essential items may differ from one to another, some necessary things will help you throughout the day. 

For a teacher an entire day in school is full of many uncertain questions and situations that might require some things. Also, there are many things that can help teachers in dealing with some little situations that they must carry in their bags on a regular basis. 

Here Are Some Essential Things For Teachers To Carry Regularly

Here is a list of some essential things for teachers to carry in their bags on a regular basis and the reasons why these things are important. 

Personal items 

If you are a teacher who spends your entire day at school, you might need some personal essentials to keep you presentable. Have a tiny moisturizer pack and lip balm to prevent your skin and lips from looking dehydrated. Whether you have short or long hair, always keep some hair ties and comb in your bag to maintain your pleasant look. Male teachers can keep their comb, wax, or other hair care products they use.

Third, have a deodorant because you may not know when you will feel sweaty.

Finally, don’t forget to carry safety pins as they may help you in numerous ways, and sometimes even students might need them if their uniform gets a tear by mistake. Apart from all of these, always keep some dry tissues and wet wipes in your bag to use if needed at any point.These are some basic essential things for teachers.

Sanitizer and mask

sanitizer and mask

Since teaching involves interacting with numerous students and touching things like chalk, paints, notebooks, etc., having a sanitizer with you is always good. Hand sanitizer will be one of the essential things for teachers to maintain your basic hygiene since you are spending an entire day outside your home. 

Teachers have always been good with hand sanitizer and mask, and this will set an example for students to understand the meaning and importance of using hand sanitizer and maintaining hygiene.

Chalk or whiteboard pens 

chalk and whiteboard pen

You may think that chalk and whiteboard pens would be available at school, and why should I carry them? A lot of time, chalks and whiteboard markers get finished even in the inventory. Assume that there are no chalks available, and you have to teach an important topic in your classroom. Searching for chalk or a whiteboard pen during that time will waste your time. So, if you have it in your bag, you can resume taking the lecture without the hassle and will save a lot of time in the class and utilize it eventually. 


Yes. You read it right. You may have online payment apps or debit and credit cards, but take some liquid cash with you whenever you step outside. While you travel, you may need money urgently, and you cannot always depend on apps and cards for it. So always have some liquid cash in your bag to help in an emergency. It is something essential for everyone who steps out of the house to carry along. 

Your energy booster (snacks)

While spending an entire day in school, you may often feel tired. Have some boosters that lift your energy to stay active throughout the day. Carry a chocolate bar, a coffee sachet, a cookie pack, a protein shake, or a little cold drink to uplift you whenever you feel exhausted. It is really important for teachers because they are always on the go and can easily feel drained of energy. So, always carry some healthy, energetic snacks with you. 

Notebook And Pens 

pen and diary

If you are a teacher, you may need a notebook and pen to note the essential points you come across. For example, you may suddenly hear an important announcement, and if you have a notebook or notepad and a pen or pencil, you can easily note it down. Carrying an extra pen and notebook can be helpful for your students if they need it, and you will also need a pen to sign or correct your little students’ mistakes on their notebooks. 

Phone, charger, and earbuds 

We all know the necessity of our smartphones. Don’t ever forget that before stepping out of your home. Also, keep the phone charger in your bag to prevent your phone from dying out of charge. If you have to travel a long way to your school, you can enjoy it by listening to your favorite songs or podcasts if you have earbuds. They will also help you boost your mood and keep you motivated and energetic for the day to work.

Water Bottle

water bottle

A water bottle is one of the essential things for teachers to keep in a bag. We cannot always rely on others or the place we go out for water availability. So always have a water bottle with you, and drink water often to keep you hydrated and active throughout the day. 

Emergency Supplies 

It is better to have emergency supplies such as band-aids, antacids, and aspirin to help at emergency times. Since you are handling about five to six classes a day, you may suffer from headaches or soreness. You may consult a doctor for emergency tablets and have them with you to provide instant relief. 

To Wrap Up 

Though these are the common essential things for teachers that they need throughout their day in school, you can add some other favorite things to this list to have an excellent day at school. So don’t forget these essentials while packing your bag, and enjoy every day at your school without hassle. 

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FAQs For Essentials That Teachers Must Keep In Their Bags

Q1. What resources do teachers need most?

A1. The basic resources a first-year teacher needs are teaching tools, classroom library Essentials, book clubs, professional development books, and basic first-aid.

Q2. What stationery do teachers need?

A2. Stationery needed by teachers in their regular day classrooms are pens, colored pens, post-its, plain white sheets, chalk, whiteboard markers, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and staplers.

Q3. What can be used in a teacher’s toolbox?

A3. In a teacher’s toolbox, many things can depend upon the needs and requirements of an individual. The very basics that can be added to a teacher’s toolbox are double-sided tape, a laminator, a stapler, labels, tags, etc. 

Q4. What resources do teachers use in their classrooms?

A4. Teachers use many different resources in their classrooms to make learning more interesting and fun, such as films, plays, novels, radio programs, multimedia, etc. 

Q5. Why are resources important for teachers?

A5. Resources are important for teachers because they help them in some aspect of their job and help in their professional development process.