Best Teaching Software To Ace Online Classes

The phrase online teaching software covers anything from a student attendance management system and software for managing classrooms to engaging students. The list of teaching software is long and employed to improve the effectiveness of teaching and to help teachers. The education system has a reputation for being among the last to adopt technology, but as the digital transformation has caused industries across all sectors to be rebuilt and reorganized, they too have started to accept the educational software.

Nearly all educational institutions employ some sort of online teaching software, which will spread widely as more and more options come to the market. 

What is Teaching Software?

Any software in the computer system that enhances learning is educational software. Similarly, software that helps in improving teaching is teaching software. There are many platforms that curate software according to individual teachers’ requirements for online teaching. 

List Of Teaching Software To Excel In Online Teaching

Cisco WebEx meetings

Industry-leading video and audio conferencing capabilities are available with Cisco Webex Meetings. It is one of the best teaching software that can be used to conduct meetings and training sessions, as well as share content and communicate. You may use software tools like Cisco to set up meetings and even replay recordings right from your app. It is free software, and it also works on the web, mobile, windows, and Mac.


  • Built for enterprise performance
  • A unified application
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • Cloud-based communication
  • End-to-end Cisco security.


  • A bit expensive
  • The unfriendly user base for beginners 
  • Some audio issues
  • Transitioning to another platform can be troublesome


An open-source web conferencing solution for online education is BigBlueButton. It facilitates group collaboration with distant students, live online classes, real-time slide sharing, and virtual teaching hours. Even content can be recorded for later playback with the help of this best teaching software. It is seen as both free and paid. It is an open source software but charges for later things such as templates etc. 


  • Open source web collaboration software
  • Suitable for e-learning and training
  • Allows real-time sharing 
  • Access and manage recordings as well
  • Students can only join after the teacher does


  • Sometimes has issues in recording
  • Doesn’t open multiple files together
  • Interruptions in webcam


A teacher in today’s education system has to use many planning tools. It could be in the form of integrating technology in a physical brick-and-mortar classroom or using technology to create a virtual classroom. Whatever your needs, Classplus can help you address all of them, and that too customized according to your preferences. If you are the principal of a school or an educational enterprise, you do not have to look further to find the best Learning management software for your educational venture.

If you are an online teacher, Classplus can help you with your customized teaching app. You will not need any other apps or a student attendance management system once you have your teaching app. It is an all-in-one solution for all your teaching needs. Video streaming, assessments, report card generation, tracking attendance, and even collecting fees from your students can be done at the click of a button. It is a secure platform that helps teachers to grow.

If you are passionate about teaching and wish to grow as an online teacher then Classplus is here to help you. Get your own coaching app where teaching students is more convenient and easy. To know more about it, connect with us and take a demo now!


  • Customized app as per preference 
  • All solutions in one app
  • Easy connectivity 
  • Easy attendance management


  • Sometimes takes time to resolve the issue 


No matter what kind of device a student or instructor uses, they may utilize management tools like Dropbox because it works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and other laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If kids need to complete homework after school, it is simple to use management tools like Dropbox to email them their assignments. Rather than waiting until after school hours, students can upload their work to Dropbox so that the teacher can grade it right away. It can hold 2GB of files for an indefinite time and a 14-day trial version of plus and professional tools and features. 


  • It is completely free.
  • Good storage space
  • Extremely convenient 
  • Easy to share files
  • Backs up information to avoid loss of any files 


  • Security is a bit of concern
  • Servers can be hacked
  • Users are not allowed to perform encryption 


It’s impressive that Kahoot!, one of the most well-known names in quiz-based learning, still is a free teaching software for teachers, making it very accessible to both teachers and students. It’s also a useful resource for a hybrid class that combines online and classroom instruction. Most devices will be able to use the teaching software using a web browser. This implies that students using laptops, tablets, and smartphones in class or at home can access this.


  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Addresses special education needs
  • Introduces situational learning
  • Increase students engagement and motivation
  • Allows teachers to give instant feedback


  • Not always aligned to teaching or learning goals
  • Doesn’t replace traditional strategies 
  • Availability of gadgets can be an issue 
  • Games can be a source of distraction


It is a teaching software for students and teachers that enables quizzes to be created. A quiz can be given to students with this teaching software and then presented live as a timed contest or utilized as homework with a set due date. To examine trends and determine which areas would require the greatest attention in the future, the teacher is also provided with a clear picture of the student’s performance from the resulting data, which is gathered into a spreadsheet. It works on both mobile and desktop, either Windows or MAC.


  • Good reports on assessment
  • Audiovisual responses available
  • Asynchronous assignments
  • Answer explainers available 


  • LMS limited to certain plans
  • Needs customization options
  • Difficult to find quality content 


Seesaw is a teaching software for students that helps them build their portfolios and document their work step by step and will engage and inspire them to be creative. Parents can check in to see what’s going on with their child’s education through these planning tools. You can use Seesaw teaching software for routine assignments as well as unique projects and presentations. It has both free and paid versions. Also, it can work on both Windows and MAC.


  • Creative tool
  • Variety of options to choose activities from
  • Saves teachers time
  • Ideas for teachers to make assignments and learning 


  • Extra navigation for teachers 
  • Needs to update in various features 
  • Skills and standards are paid 


Slack is a teaching software that everyone can access to communicate with the entire class. Teachers can use direct messaging to send specific instructions and reminders to students, as well as to set up channels for them to interact with one another about particular subjects. For instance, to involve the entire class in the most recent scientific courses and homework, you could start a new channel called #science. It has both free and paid versions as well as it works on Android, Windows, and MAC.


  • Transparency 
  • Flexibility 
  • Easy collaboration
  • Great security features
  • Easy information access


  • Limited storage space
  • Notifications all-day 
  • Only a 14-day life of content 


With the help of this free tool, students and teachers may work on photo editing, design layout, and other creative tasks. While students can utilize these digital tools to submit projects, it can also help them develop their creative problem-solving skills. The design and planning software also allows teachers to design posters, instructions, and other materials for use outside of the classroom. Effective digital tools like Canva can be used in schools to produce projects that not only impress kids but also assist in teaching them the fundamentals of digital design. It is free and has a pro version as well. Its availability is in Android, Windows, and iOs.


  • Easy customization of templates 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Professional work look 
  • User friendly


  • Alignment concerns 
  • Export settings are limited 
  • The free version has limited customization
  • Swapping designs is not easy

Final Thoughts

The need to find new ways to teach, learn, and collaborate has arisen as a result of the changes to the educational system. Many of these techniques were made possible by recent technological developments in learning management software. We covered the top tool management system and educational software pdf in our blog post that 2022 schools ought to try out. They deal with numerous facets of educational settings, from live streaming to the best tool management system. We value the time you invested in reading this article.

Teachers who have coaching classes in support of these courses have a great platform like Classplus, which they can use to train the students to continue with these renowned courses and complete them with certification. They can also guide their students to get job interviews after completing the classes through their own app. 

[Classplus Official Demo] How to Teach Online+Offline Together?

Best Teaching Software 2022 FAQs 

Q1. Which software is best for teaching?

A1. There is multiple software, and the choice the best comes with the one that suits your demands. Some of the examples are slack, zoom, google classroom, etc.

Q2. What is the most widely used LMS in the world?

A2. The most widely used LMS is Moodle 

Q3. Which LMS does Google use?

A3. Docebo LMS is used by google workspace marketplace. It’s a pure cloud learning system.

Q4. Which teaching software is used in schools?

 A4. Schools use different software for tests and assessments, such as Edmodo, ClassDojo, Google classroom, etc.

Q5. Which technology is used for LMS?

 A5. The best LMS technology is EdApp. It’s a concept of microlearning emerging as the top LMS technology.