Best Productive apps for Teachers 

Best Productive apps for Teachers 

Technology can help you achieve your mission of becoming a more efficient, balanced, and productive teacher. Teachers have a lot to accomplish and a limited time to do so. Therefore, teachers, especially when you are teaching remotely, have to use productive apps to be more efficient. 

If you are in the quest to become more productive or to accomplish more with your limited resources, your search ends here. Here we bring to you some cool productive apps that are used by online teachers worldwide to increase their productivity.

These best productive apps for teachers will keep you sane and make your work life a lot easier. For other tips to smoother your online teaching, follow Classplus. Have a look at these best educational apps.


With online teaching, the whole world is your classroom. With canva for education, you can set up your classroom, you can share and review your work across multiple platforms. You can create some amazing flashcards, presentations, posters, reports, and lesson plans. With their ready-to-use templates, you can save on your most precious resource, which is time. Canva is one of the best productivity apps for students as well.

For virtual classroom teaching, you can create a presentation or lesson, add your voice, and then share the link. Students can also share their doubts or assignments with you, thus making the connection between you and your class strong.

If you are running your private tutorial, you can create your business cards, some interesting posters, or videos to upload on social media. Check out all of their premium features for teachers at Canva.


Kahoot! makes learning fun, for students as well as teachers. It is one of the best educational apps for students as well as teachers. This quiz-based app makes online teaching fun as well as engaging. Not only is Kahoot free to use, but it also allows students to interact with each other, thus taking care of their social interaction which is often missing in hybrid teaching. 

This easy-to-use educational app is compatible with almost all devices. It offers thousands of ready-to-use games that are quick and easy engagement tools for your class. You can create your quizzes as well. 

The good news is that Kahoot, one of the best educational apps is completely free, students only need an account to get started. You can either set a quiz and post it as an assignment or run a live quiz show for that adrenaline rush in your students. Teachers also have the access to analytics from the quizzes which they can use in their student performance reports.


Everyone is like a multi-pocket folder that keeps all your important documents organized. Except that Evernote is an online productivity tool. You can use this productivity app in many ways. Let’s see how you can use this teacher app. You can keep your ideas for your upcoming lesson plans and important related links and articles in one place. If you want to share some handwritten notes with your students, you can upload the image or PDF file and keep it in your account. You can also organize your saved notes into organized searchable files. Further, you can maintain your notes on students’ performance reports or their behavior.

All in all, if you like to be organized and plan your work, Evernote is the best productive app for you.


Their tagline says it all – “Work smarter, not harder”. Trello is an all-in-one teacher app that manages your coursework planning, collaboration, and organization. You can not only plan and organize but also collaborate with your students or other teachers’ in real-time. You can create assignments with due dates, and add documents and files from your drive.

You can plan for the entire semester in one go and keep track of your due dates with the help of reminders and checklists. Share any updates with your colleagues and students, all in a click. Check Trello to keep you productive.

In short, it is a huge digital board where you can pin all your lists. Each list in Trello is made of cards that are made of checklists that are drag and drop friendly. These checklists can store almost any digital content.


Another engagement tool that helps you to reach your zenith is online teaching. This app is not only productive for teachers but can be viewed as one of the best productivity apps for students as well. By helping the students constantly revise their concepts, Mentimeter makes learning effective and engaging. Its easy-to-use presentations can be shared live with your audio.

This tool can be used both in physical teaching as well as in online classes. It helps teachers to create quizzes, polls, and the like to increase interaction in the class.

This productivity tool can be used via your browser to make it accessible from anywhere. It’s not only you, your students can also make their polls adding the much-required fun element for your students. The word cloud feature is an excellent way to brainstorm. You can access Mentimeter here.

There are thousands of productivity apps available for teachers, both free and paid. Our effort here was to bring to you the best of them to increase teachers’ productivity. If you want to be productive as an online coach and smooth out your online coaching experience, do visit Classplus.

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