Best Online Teaching Platforms In India To Earn Money

The popularity of online teaching is rising, and for the right reasons. Online teaching platforms in India have improved significantly, offering a fun and interactive learning experience.

If you are someone planning to create and sell courses online and earn money now is the time to do it. As, there is an expected increase in both the use of online teaching and the income it generates for educators in the coming years.

In this blog, we have complied a list of best online teaching platform for you to choose one which suits your needs and requirements.

best online teaching platform

What are Online Teaching Platforms?

Online teaching platforms offer you a platform where you can easily create and sell your courses, conduct classes, interact with students, and utilize a range of educational tools and resources to grow your coaching business and generate revenue.

The setup of traditional classroom has evolved significantly with the rise of online classes. They support educators, students, and others in the educational field, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences.

5 Best Online Teaching Platforms in India

Students are now frequently using video-conferencing apps to interact with their teachers and stay up-to-date with courses online. There are many online teaching platforms in India for both Android and iOS devices to assist students.

To help you find the ideal platform for your educational needs, here are the top 5 online teaching platforms in India. Each one offers unique features and benefits, so you can choose the best one that fits your specific requirements.

1. Classplus

Classplus stands as one of the most preferred online teaching platforms for teachers and content creators. It offers a range of features tailored to enhance the virtual teaching and learning experience.

What will you get?

  • Free demo available
  • Keep track of all student activity on your app
  • Easy to use marketing dashboard
  • Create and sell your video content as well as notes
  • Get your own website along with your own app
  • Easily list and sell your courses in the store section of your app
  • App comes with SSL security ensuring zero data piracy
best online teaching platforms

2. YouTube

Another very popular teaching platform is YouTube. It provides an easy to use interface for users and has the ability to share educational content everywhere. The users can teach different skills such as cooking, gardening, sewing, painting, etc. with the help of this platform.

What will you get?

  • Get access of global audience reach
  • Create and share your video content
  • Track viewer engagement and perfromance
  • Run ads and get sponsorships to earn money
  • Monetize your channel after 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours

3. FreshLearn

This platform helps you to turn your knowledge into courses. It offers a seamless blend of course creation tools, payment integrations, and a learner-centric interface. It is an attractive option for those seeking to create and sell courses online with minimal hassle.

What will you get?

  • Build and customize courses with the user friendly tools
  • Personalize and brand your course content
  • Design and publish course and sales pages
  • Build your email subscribers with newsletters, nurture them with campaigns, and engage your audience in your community

4. OpenLearning

Another very popular amongst all the online teaching platforms in India is OpenLearning. It is a dynamic platform known for its focus on interactive and collaborative learning experiences. It is ideal for both educators and learners seeking a more community-driven educational environment.

  • Easily streamline your course design
  • Create, market and sell your online courses
  • Design and deliver engaging online programs
  • Strong focus on building learner communities

5. Coursera

Coursera is a globally recognized online teaching platform, known for offering a wide range of courses from universities and institutions around the world. It stands out for its high-quality content, professional certifications, and degree programs, making it a top choice for learners seeking academic and skill advancement.

  • Opportunities to earn certifications and degrees to build your credentials as a teacher
  • Get access to all the necessary tools required to start teaching online
  • It allows educators to earn money based on the number of students who enroll in their courses.
  • Utilize advanced tools for course creation as well as management.

Features of an Online Teaching Platform

best online teaching platform

What can you do to ensure your online teaching stands apart from other competition?

The greatest place to start is through your online teaching platform in India. A correct set of features is required in an online learning platform to help it lead to a higher position. So, here are some features an online course selling platform must have.

Read about top features offered by Classplus app for educators to build their online coaching business.

1. Payment options

Methods of payment for the fees that are simple and secure. Suppose the website includes a payment option once the admission is completed. In that case, it will be a bonus for the students and teachers since the kids receive their admission confirmation immediately after the payment.

2. Management and feedback

It’s crucial to have the assessment management and live feedback feature . Live feedback is crucial because it helps students see their weaknesses and allows them to grow. And the teachers get the ability to focus more on the needs of the students.

3. Data storage and backup

Online learning systems must-have features like data storage and Backup since they are both essential elements. When you take online classes and need to collect data for later use, you need data storage and backup capabilities in your online course selling platform. Doing so offline would be time-consuming and useless because everything is now digital.

Benefits of Online Teaching Platforms for Teachers

Each instructor has their unique teaching style, but most do their best to adapt it to the requirements of their pupils. e-Learning is a medium and resource that teachers may use to enhance their instructional methods.

  1. Use modern technology to experiment with and adjust your different teaching methodologies.
  2. Easily gather student feedback to understand their grasp of the subject and interest levels.
  3. Save time without the need to commute, allowing more focus on teaching as well as learning.
  4. Lower expenses as there’s no need for classroom rentals, travel, or printed materials.
  5. Access a variety of materials like videos, texts, and quizzes to cater to different learning styles.
  6. Latest e-Learning trends and online resources provide opportunities to be more creative and engaging in your teaching approach.


In conclusion, with the top 5 online teaching platforms in India at your fingertips, you can now choose the right one for your needs. These platforms offer great tools for teaching, making it easier and more effective for educators to connect with students and boost their income. Whether you’re experienced or new to teaching, these online course selling platforms open up numerous opportunities for growth in the digital world of education.

Online Teaching Platforms in India FAQs

Q1. How can I teach online from home?

A1. To teach online from home, you need a reliable internet connection, a computer or laptop, and a quiet space. Choose an online teaching platform or software for conducting classes, prepare digital materials, and use interactive tools for engaging lessons.

Q2. Which is the No 1 online education platform in India?

A2. In India, Classplus is considered one of the leading online teaching platforms, known for its user-friendly features that cater to educators’ needs, offering tools for course creation, student engagement, and business management.

Q3. What is an online learning platform?

A3. An online learning platform is a digital environment where students can access educational content, interact with teachers and peers, and engage in learning activities.

Q4. What is LMS in online teaching?

A4. LMS stands for Learning Management System. It’s a software application used for administering, documenting, tracking, reporting, as well as delivering educational courses or training programs.

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