How to Monitor Online Exams To Avoid Cheating

As online learning is emerging, new and more advanced features are available. One of these advanced features includes online exams which are marked automatically and immediate feedback is given to the students. But this advanced form of online tests also gives rise to cheating concerns.  

Today students are acting a bit smart to cheat online when they give online examinations or tests. Thus as an online teacher, you have to curb the activities of these notorious students, and in this lies the genuine welfare of you and your online students. When you want to keep a watch on online exams to avoid cheating then you can follow some simple effective tips. You will need to make attractive strategies with which you can stop cheating in any online exams

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Tips to monitor Online Exams to avoid Cheating 

  • Prevent the use of cell phones and other things that help in online cheating

You might see that today cell phones and smartphones are being used by many students as they have peculiar software. All students have access to more such devices so that they could cheat on an online test. They might try to find the answers to the questions that are being asked in their online examination. You can curb the use of cell phones with the help of proctoring software. With this software, you can warn students to solve the test bank content in an honest way without doing any kind of cheating. 

  • Get your students rid of the test confusion or anxiety 

When your students give any online test or examination then they might feel some confusion or anxiety during such occasions. Surveys have indicated that most students feel a bit anxious during their online exams during any test which is conducted online. You can help your online students get rid of anxiety before exams by taking their online practice tests. This can work well to make your students honest and avoid cheating in exams. 

Detect and find leaked questions on the web with advanced software 

It might be possible that some online hackers might try to leak your question papers and sell them to online students. Thus you have the responsibility to stop and prevent the leakage of questions on the internet. You might see that your syllabus content will be seen in many places on the internet. Even yet you have to prevent the test paper from getting leaked by taking practice tests of your online students. This could be the best thing about taking an online exam.

  • Prevent sounds and voices in the test room

Here you can get help from voice detection software to avoid sounds and voices in the test room. This kind of software will support you to detect phrases in that room where your online students are appearing in the test. The main advantage here is that here you can prevent online proctored exam cheating. 

Lock all the browsers on the computer of your online students

It might be possible that some notorious students might try to cheat in their online tests by typing their test questions on any browser on the web. You can prevent these kinds of activities by locking their computer browsers. In this way, you can also lock keyboards to avoid cheating in any kind of online test exams.

  • Make use of a monitoring camera or video to watch the online student behavior

When you are strict to keep a watch on students to avoid them from cheating then you can make use of test strategies. Here you can install a monitoring camera or video in the room where online students are giving exams. You have to also detect the student ID when you feel that some students are trying to cheat in secret. 

  • Be strict about the rules of the online test or exam

When you want to avoid your online students from cheating in the exam then just tell them about the strict exam rules. You have to inform them what will be proceedings when they are caught red-handed while doing any kind of cheating in the exam. Just inform your students that if they are caught cheating online then their student records might get spoiled and banned. 

We want to conclude that when you do the task of proctoring online exams then you can make your students keep away from illegal activities like online cheating. In this way, the online exams for students can be conducted with success without cases of online cheating. When you want to make your online students honest to avoid any kind of test cheating then just tell them to appear in the practice tests. These tests will make your students confident to solve all the questions in the forthcoming examinations. These are the simple tips to conduct a cheating-free online exam.

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