Top 5 strategies to ace your exam

Examinations are one common thing that we all have faced once in our life. It can be competitive exams, entrance exams, online exams, mock tests, etc.  Exams are very important as they help us to check our potential and knowledge. Also, one thing cannot be denied exam time is one of the most difficult times for a student as they are required to leave everything and dedicate themselves to understanding the syllabus. During exam time we all know that every student faces some issue that creates unwanted tension, stress, and fear for both the student and the parent. But exams are one thing no one can run from as they are the only steps that upon passing will lead us ahead in our life and will help us to achieve our goals. Therefore, it is very important to ace every exam. 

As the exam months start approaching us and we get the date sheet of the exams, the stress and anxiety in a student starts increasing. It becomes really difficult to decide which subject to prepare first or which chapter to begin from. Some students face a lot of pressure to get good grades in exams too. It has also been seen that because of stress some good students also score average marks. Many study tips might help you relieve your stress and ace exams

These strategies will not only help you in relieving stress but will also get you good grades on your next exam.  

  • Planning-

Before you start preparing for your examination, it is necessary to plan and make a schedule for the examination. This will help you in deciding what subject should be prepared first at what to prepare last and will also ensure that nothing is left for last-minute preparation. Your study time should be divided equally for every subject. The study plan should be like more time should be allotted to weaker subjects which will give you proper time designation for different subjects. This should be ensured that you concentrate on studying the subject you allocated the time for. 

  • Practice old test paper and use flow charts and diagrams-

It has been noted that one of the most efficient ways to prepare for an examination is to practice from the previous year’s exam papers. Also, you can refer to an old textbook and solve all the aptitude questions given in that. These previous year’s exam papers and old textbooks will help you in understanding the format of the questions and will also help you in measuring the time needed for the actual exam.  

Using flow charts and diagrams while studying has been considered very helpful as visual aids tend to stick in our minds. When your exams are closer, try to convert your revision notes into a flow chart or diagram. 

  • Study space should be organized-

There should be plenty of space on the desk you’re studying on to spread your textbooks and notes. Two more points should be kept in mind which are that there should be sufficient brightness in your room and a comfortable chair on which you can sit for hours. Remove those things from your room that can distract you. Your study space should be comfortable, friendly, and pleasant so that you can focus and concentrate. 

  • Being healthy and fit-

It is very important to take extra care of ourselves during the examination. Sleeping on time is the major thing you should focus on. Many students tend to stay awake all night and study which makes them unwell during the ongoing exam. Getting a proper 8 hours of sleep is mandatory. Also, a healthy diet should be followed which includes food that is natural, fresh, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals help us improve our memory and concentration. Also, some amount of meditation and workout can help you in being fit as well as will relax you too. 

  • Take regular breaks

Our brain should not be exposed to long hours of study because long-term retention of knowledge is almost impossible. Taking regular breaks is very important and needed for the brain to regain its focus. During these breaks, you can take a nap, watch something or listen to music, whatever makes you feel good. These breaks will help you relax and refresh yourself. Exam preparations require the skill of time management, everything is possible if we do things on time. Exam preparation should not be left for the last day.

The last days are only meant for revision and relaxation. A sound sleep is very important before every exam. This ensures keeping our minds fresh and energetic on the day of the exam. If you follow the study tips for preparing for your exam. you will for sure ace your next exam. Platforms like Classplus help to plan and conduct exams easily by helping teachers customize everything according to their choice at their own app.

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