7 Ways to Teach Active and Passive Voice

As an English teacher, you will need practical teaching methods when you teach active and passive voice to your students. When you use these methods, your students will learn and grasp active and passive voice well. When you make and use effective voice structures online, then your students will grasp them well in a long way. This could be one of the easiest tips to frame sentences in active and passive voice. 

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After you give easy learning strategies to your English students, they will learn how to make sentences in the desired voice you want from them. Here are 7 ways to teach active and passive voice

Asking common questions in English will help your students

When you want to effectively teach active-passive voice to your English students, just ask common questions to them. Let your students answer these questions actively and passively on the blackboard or canvas board. You can also make your students answer common questions in both voices in oral form. 

When you adopt this kind of teaching style, you can make your students more familiar with how to speak English in both voices. This tip can be used in offline classes and even when teaching remote or online students.  

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Show the difference between active and passive voice with the help of the same sentences

The best way to teach active voice or passive voice is to explain the same sentence in both ways. Take, for example, you can say “Andy drinks milk.” This is in an active voice. When you want to say the same sentence in a passive voice, you can say “Andy is drinking milk.” In the first sentence with the active voice, you focus on the word Andy. 

On the other hand when you say this sentence in a passive voice, you will pay more attention to the word milk. This is the basic difference between sentences that are being said in active as well as passive voice. 

Make your student practice saying passive voice sentences

As a teacher, you can teach more passive voice meaning to your students in many ways. First, you can make your students practice how to speak English in a passive voice. When this happens, you will see and realize that your students are learning and grasping more within a short time. You can make your students become experts at speaking in a passive voice. J

ust take oral or written English practice tests to know the caliber of your students at speaking English in a passive voice? Third, you can ask your students to practice speaking oral English in a passive voice the long way.

Realize that your students need to practice passive voice more than active voice

When you want to make your students learn active and passive voice, let them give more attention to learning passive voice. You can do this in many ways. For example, you can give them active and passive voice works to know the basic difference between active and passive English language. Then, just teach all that English vocabulary which is essential to speak this language in a passive tone. 

Arrange debates on English in passive and active voices to help your students learn more about this language

Active and passive sentences can be said in many easy ways. Take for example you can arrange English debates. In these debates, your students will speak English in active-passive sentences. When they do so, their caliber and expertise in spoken English will greatly increase. 

Take practice tests to train your students to speak active and passive English well

Your students can be trained well at voice grammar in many ways. Just give practice tests to your students in written and oral form. This way, you will have a nice intuition to judge who is learning active and passive voice well. This could be the best tip to train your English students well. You can give such kind of teaching services well in online mode. 

Give your syllabus notes to help English students to grasp active and passive voice well

Just prepare and publish offline or online syllabus notes to make students grasp active-passive sentences well. 

The conclusion 

We conclude that when you want to teach active and passive voice to your students, just arrange practice tests. With these tests, you can get a better depth about how much your students have grasped both the voices in the English language. 

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