7 Qualities A Good Online Teacher Should Have


Millions of students are enrolled in online learning programs, and educators worldwide are trying to figure out the qualities of a good online teacher. When teaching online, the teaching methods that work in a conventional physical classroom may not work in a remote classroom. The role of a teacher in online classes is crucial to students’ performance, and therefore different qualities of a good teacher are required in an online classroom. The finest teachers are aware that extensive preparation is the quality of a good online teacher

Online teachers get ready by learning new technology, creating lesson plans for remote instruction, and thinking of innovative methods to engage their students. If you’re a teacher looking into how to teach online or a parent wondering what to anticipate from their child’s online teacher, this post on qualities of a good teacher is meant for you.

Qualities of a good online teacher

In addition to impeccable teaching skills and innovative teaching methods, the following is a list of must-have qualities that every best teacher should possess.

Tech skills

Being tech aware and familiar with the most recent tools and technologies are the online class essentials for teachers. Particularly at the start of the school year, teachers might need to assist students and parents in picking up new skills. In addition, teachers who constantly incorporate technology into their daily life are better able to stay abreast of new developments.

The learning management system at their institutes is a crucial piece of technology that online teachers need to comprehend. The best teacher additionally employs data visualization and analysis programs to analyze student progress and construct data-based tailored learning strategies. 

Strong communication skills

Student teacher relationship is based on a solid foundation of communication.

Additionally, the move to online learning may not be typical for many students and parents. Hence communication and developing trust are essential. To make students feel at ease during classes, a good teacher should be pleasant and have effective communication skills.

Teachers and students should get along well, so they are willing to talk to one another about their issues. In addition to teaching courses, it is crucial to establish strong communication with students and parents from the very first day itself. 

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Time management

Online courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no specific time to attend and discussions take place throughout the whole week at all hours of the day. Instead of having a specific day or days of the week when they attend the class, online instructors must be present frequently. As a result, the effective remote teacher online creates a method for maintaining availability throughout the week.

Teaching online also involves a little extra work in terms of frequently being in touch with parents. This also requires time and planning. Time management skills are, therefore, online class essentials for teachers.


Teachers that prioritize creative thinking and think outside the box are best suited to support students’ success in a digital learning environment. Teachers now have the chance to be creative and design innovative teaching techniques for their pupils, thanks to online learning. Every subject or class, from science to social studies to physical education, may be taught in a virtual setting using an online curriculum.

However, it takes innovation to excel. Even online English teacher skills include being creative and innovative. In addition, students have regular opportunities to try new things since an online learning environment provides various live virtual instruction, individual assignments, and project-based activities.

Open to feedback

The best teacher keeps up with emerging technologies that improve their teaching consistently. Additionally, they do not take parents’ or students’ feedback for teachers personally. Every skilled online instructor can handle criticism and feedback on their teaching styles. Though some complaints are unjustified, many times, it’s something you can genuinely work on, such as speaking more slowly, being more interactive, or even giving feedback on your background. A good teacher will take the feedback for teachers in her stride to improve her teaching.

Fun and engaging

The best educators are passionate about what they do and how they can improve it. They put in their best teaching techniques to deliver a top-notch online learning experience and take the time to answer your questions or directly address remarks on the platform you’re using, demonstrating their enthusiasm for teaching.

good teacher will enjoy working with her students and make an effort to create an engaging lesson that incorporates real-world applications of the material being studied. She will employ different types of teaching methods as needed to meet the needs of her students, understand how other students have different learning patterns, and act accordingly.


The wise use of encouraging words strengthens student teacher bonding. Even from a distance, the greatest remote teacher online tries to make every class enjoyable. Knowing they have a committed and encouraging instructor gives children the confidence to try new things, be curious, and ask for assistance when needed. Whatever be their teaching styles, online teachers should be ready to offer extra support and encouragement to students who are having trouble or are falling behind so they may remain motivated.

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The role of a teacher in online classes is multi-fold. An online classroom requires teachers to work harder than conventional classrooms and employ different teaching methods.

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