7 Important Characteristics to Become a Good Math Teacher

The qualities of a good math teacher are many and varied. However, some of the most important qualities are the ability to inspire, be patient, and be intelligent. A good teacher can best teach students by being an excellent role model. They must also be able to engage their students in learning and make the material interesting.

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A good teacher is someone patient and able to adapt to different situations. They must also be able to keep a class on track by being organized. Good teachers also have a good sense of humor and can make learning fun. To help aspiring math teachers succeed, here’s an article outlining five important characteristics of becoming a good math teacher.

Math is a Communicative Subject

By definition, math should be a communicative subject. The reason is that math functions to interpret, relate and interpret, relate and interpret… etc., to make sense of the world around us. Therefore, being a math teacher requires understanding how to communicate with your students, not just how to teach the material, but how to make your students understand it. As such, hitting the communication aspect is extremely important for success in this profession.

Math is about Making Sense

If you don’t have a good ability to make sense of things, you won’t survive as a math teacher, nor will you be successful. In other words, when teaching a concept, you shouldn’t just be teaching the material; you should ask your students to think about how the material relates to their lives, and help them understand how the material makes sense. If you don’t do this, your students won’t relate to what you’re teaching and will often struggle with it.

Good Math Teacher Adopts Different Teaching Techniques

Successful math teachers know that getting students to learn math requires that the teacher be a good teacher, not just an excellent mathematician. This means that math teachers need to have strong techniques (i.e., being able to model and explain effectively) and a thorough understanding of their subject matter. The ability to model and explain will help students learn the material, retain it, understand it, and apply it. The technique is crucial.

Math is about a Growth Mindset

Students often struggle with math because they believe they’re bad at math (i.e., a fixed mindset). As such, you’ll need to do what you can to help them overcome this belief and develop a growth mindset (i.e., that they can improve in math). This involves helping your students get past their self-doubt, understand their mistakes, and learn from them, which will help them develop the motivation to improve themselves in the subject matter.

Good Math Teacher is completely Involved in the Subject

Successful math teachers aren’t just brilliant at teaching math; they’re also passionate about the subject matter. Successful math teachers are passionate about spreading the word about the important role it plays in our lives, being able to make sense of the world around us.

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They’re passionate about sharing what they know and being able to help others learn as well. To do so, successful math teachers need to be involved in their schools and communities, not just spending their time teaching, but being involved with clubs and organizations related to mathematics.

Math is about Being Part of a Larger Community

To be successful as a math teacher, you’ll have to be involved in your school and community. You’ll need to know the school and community well enough to be able to help others who are struggling and have trouble learning math themselves. You’ll also have to know how your student’s progress in mathematics relates to their progress in other subjects.

If it doesn’t, you can’t effectively provide support for them. Successful math teachers understand this, which is why they don’t just sit back at their desks, but instead get involved with things related to teaching mathematics.

Math is about Authority

Successful math teachers know that they don’t have to be the best mathematician in the world; instead, they have to be the best teacher at being effective mathematicians. This means that successful math teachers are authoritative figures in their classrooms, and can give clear direction to students. They can show up with a broader vision for teaching mathematics, and help students relate to it.

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This is particularly important for students with a weaker sense of mathematical skills or lower mathematics grades; if you can show them how mathematics relates to their lives, you’ll be able to help them better understand it and improve themselves through it.

Final Thoughts

To become a good math teacher, you must support your students through their difficulties with the subject; if they don’t understand it, then you can’t effectively teach them. To help deal with this issue, check out this article on helping students with math trouble. This will explain why some students struggle with mathematics and how to help them overcome these struggles so that they can learn the subject better.

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