How Teachers can make Math a fun Subject

Mathematics can be defined as a science that deals with numbers. It is one of the common subjects that we all study since our childhood. Math is very important as it is generally used in our daily life, be it counting money or doing some other calculation, every work is linked with math’s in some way or the other so every person should know the basics of it as it helps in making our life systematic. It is complicated to learn math as there are so many concepts that need to be applied to different math questions which make the subject a little complicated so one needs to focus and concentrate more.

That’s why math is considered to be challenging as it contains many formulas that need to be memorized. Normal math class can be very boring for students which makes them not like math but here are some ways that can help you to make math class fun and will help the students to love math. 

Organizing fun Math Games

Teachers can bring positivity, excitement, and fun to a class by adding fun math games. These games can be organized online or offline which will keen more interest in students and will make math fun. 

For example: – Card war games can be played in which two students will use multiplication, subtraction, etc., to build cards of a higher value than the opponent, or math board games can be played that will help the students to learn basic facts of math or even a math bingo game can be hosted by the teacher for the whole class. 

Using charts, picture books, and other visual aids

It has been seen that anything taught visually tends to be remembered well by our brains. Charts, picture books, and other visual aid can help the students understand the concept well. Short movies based on math can be played in the classroom which will not only encourage them in attending the classes but will make math fun too. 

Use real objects to make Math fun

Math classes should always include real-life objects so that the students can learn to apply the concept to their real life. Many tools can help the students apply math in the real world. These could be using an abacus for counting and number sense, playing with money, using spheres, prisms, and other shapes for geometry, and flashcards for subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. Incorporating these items into math problem-solving activities will make math fun. 

Physical involvement

Math class should not be limited to books only. Questioning techniques for teachers that can motivate the student to move out of their seats and engage in hands-on learning activities can help them learn more productively. In your classroom, you can include activities like writing and acting out skits related to the concepts of math or a treasure hunt for geometric shapes and patterns. Interactive games such as dice games, flashcards, or even around the world by solving different math problems. 

Make a fixed routine

Students may feel settled and confident if you build a fixed math class routine. Make a schedule of how you want to start your math class, whether you will introduce a new concept or will revise an old one. Try giving the students some discussion questions and ask them how they solved them. Write some vocabs on the board and ask the students to define them. Invite older students into your class and challenge them to analyze mathematical writing from another scholar. During the middle of your lecture set up small group discussions.

Try using blended learning techniques to promote hands-on activities and group work. Don’t keep your lectures too long, give mini-lectures and then provide them with a worksheet or arrange other activities. Your classes should end on a high note. Ask the students to summarize what they learned. You can keep an exit ticket activity in which you ask a student a question and only if they answer correctly, they will be allowed to leave the class.

Co-relate different Subjects to make Math fun Subject

Students are very attentive during subjects other than math’s like science and social studies. So, try to use their curiosity about these subjects in your math classes. For example, if you are teaching them about plants, try to be creative like measuring the length of the plant with a ruler, or if you are teaching about goods and services in social studies, money can be a connecting topic. 

Math is a very challenging subject for both the students and teachers. Neither it is easy to learn nor easy to teach. But we know that it is one of those subjects which we all need at later stages of our lives. These tips mentioned above will help you make it an interesting subject and keep your students engaged in online classes or offline mode. If you are a teacher who wants to expand your online coaching business then connect with Classplus now and get your own coachinng app.

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