5 Ways to Improve Online Teaching

In recent days, everyone is preferring online activities, because of the pandemic, there is a need to maintain social distancing. Hence, there is change in the routine also, such as office jobs are converted to online work from home jobs, similarly, the education sector has also seen a drastic change and real classrooms have changed to online classrooms. Schools and colleges have started conducting online classes and teaching, and therefore, it is required that these online classrooms must have an effective way of teaching, so that students can find it interesting. Teaching institutions have made it possible for students to learn in online classrooms, and it should be made truly effective. 

In the case of traditional classes, teachers and students are involved face to face, where teachers deliver lectures and students write notes. After the transition of traditional classes to digital or online classes, it is not possible to adopt the same teaching methods. There should be a blend of both the methods, as there can be conducted some real-time interactive sessions online and some offline assignments, which can give the deeper knowledge of the topics to students. Teaching and learning have become difficult, and teachers have more burden on their shoulders. Educators are doing extra work for online classes and they have to change their plans and strategies, to ensure that students can learn efficiently. For starting online classes successfully, it is better to make use of technology and online teaching tools. Here are the top 5 ways to improve online teaching.

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Real Learning should be ensured

Online teaching should be such that it can be a replacement of traditional teaching and a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous modes of teaching can be adopted. Although it is important to maintain a school timetable, it should also be remembered that online classes will have a different format. For ensuring the real learning, students can be assigned pre-class work. Teachers should focus on developing deep learning, and a test can be a tool for the teacher to get the idea of the student and where he needs the help. It will also be good to take parents’ feedback to teachers for online classes, which may be helpful for improvement.

Appropriate duration of Online Classes should be set

Duration of online classes should be similar to that of normal school or college classes. There should be a limited screen time, which should depend on age group, and a time of 30-40 minutes may be sufficient. Also, issues of homes should be considered, as each family and homes have their issues. In the scenario of the pandemic, parents are also working from home and there may be limitations of number of devices or limitation of screen time. All these things must be considered and a timetable should be shared with parents in advance, so that a routine can be set for a student’s learning. 

Holistic approach of learning should be adopted

An approach which can be helpful for the development of students must be adopted. For this, it is better to not only follow school timetables, but it is also important to engage students in other activities such as art. It will be helpful for enhancing the performance of students. 

Automate your Content

If you want to improve online teaching then it will be better to take advantage of  virtual classrooms and you can automate content and prepare it ahead of time. Also, you can prepare video content, readings, assignments etc. so that time can be saved for actual teaching and to develop the skills of students. Also, if the online schedule with automated content is given to the students, then they will get time to work on it. Students can get started and come to teachers with some questions related to the content.

Create a Classroom setting

When you are teaching online, it is important to maintain a student teacher relation and this can be maintained with a classroom setting. Technology can be helpful for creating a classroom setting, and use of visual aids can be helpful for students to get involved and enjoy their learning. You can utilize technology to host live class sessions or even one to one conversation with students, so that students can be engaged with you in real time.

It can be seen that there are many benefits of online teaching, such as online classes are more personalized, online classes can be more flexible, and online classes allow easier communication between students and teachers. Online classes can be more accessible, because they can be accessed from anywhere, if you have an internet connection. They allow for deeper connections, saves the time required to go to school and coming back, and hence students can invest this time in other activities.

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