5 Tips for NQT teaching 

5 Tips for NQT teaching 

TCS National Qualifier Test is a test that certifies students by assessing their skills. This NQT score validates the candidates’ skills for companies seeking to hire these candidates. Many big enterprises hire candidates just on their TCS NQT scores.

However, getting a good score on the TCS NQT test is not that easy. But, if you are a teacher tutoring your students for the NQT test, you are at the right place. In this post, we will be talking about how you can help your students ace their tests. But, before that let us have an overview of the test and the TCS NQT 2022 registration process.

The NQT test

The TCS National Qualifier Test aims to test candidates on 

  • A particular industry-specific skills
  • Proficiency in fundamental cognitive abilities required for beginner level jobs
  • Specialization in aptitude required for job-specific positions.

Under cognitive skills, candidates are further assessed on their

  • Verbal ability
  • Reasoning ability
  • Numerical ability

Further, your student can apply for

  • Industry-specific NQT score that validates a candidate on industry-specific skills, or
  • Subject-specific NQT scores that validate a candidate for job-specific roles.

NQT Registration

Any graduate, postgraduate, or diploma student in their pre-final or final year from any discipline can register for the TCS NQT test. Even freshers with less than 2 years of experience can register for NQT. To note, your student needs to

  • Visit the TCS National Qualifier Test website and click on ‘Register Now. If your student is already registered, he just needs to click on the login button.
  • Your student now has to input his TCS iON Digital Learning Hub credentials. Or sign up if he is new by clicking on ‘Create Account.
  • Next, one has to fill in all the necessary details.
  • Next, hit the submit button to complete the registration process.

Once your student has completed TCS NQT 2022 registration, he will get the confirmation message on his registered mail id and mobile number. 

The exam will be conducted online and at TCS ioN authorized test centers. There are two rounds to the test, the written and the interview round. The TCS NQT 2022 registration will open in July and the exam will be held by December.

Tips for NQT teaching

Let us now understand how you can prepare your students for the TCS NQT exam. 

  • Understand the syllabus and test pattern

The most important consideration for any test preparation is being well acquainted with the syllabus and exam pattern. Your students have to appear for an online NQT  test comprising 92 questions in 3 hours. The written test will assess their numerical and programming skills. The questions are not as tricky as you get in other technical tests but they are lengthy. Thus, prepare your student for both speed and accuracy. If possible, once appear for the test yourself to get a better idea of the test process.

  • Create a study plan for your students

Make a comprehensive study plan for your online coaching and your students. Set weekly and monthly goals on whose basis you can take up and discuss topics from the TCS National Qualifier Test with your students. It will also help if your students revise the topics regularly. Hence curate a revision program for them. This will keep you on track while covering important issues. 

  • Preparing for the online test

Covering the entire syllabus of the TCS NQT  is a must. The reasoning section should be practiced daily and from different sources. Numerical ability is a general section, and we advise you to prepare your students syllabus specific questions from classic books like ‘RS Agarwal’. Verbal ability will assess your students on their communication skills. Being well conversant in English grammar and vocabulary is the key. Programming and coding skills will need practice. Let your students practice debugging codes, as that is the best way to learn hands-on coding.

  • Preparing for the interview

The emphasis of the interview round will be on your student’s technical proficiency, bio, and major projects. You will find the experiences of many students on many websites. Go through all of them and make a list of probable questions for your students. Note that questions will vary according to your student’s skills. Conduct two or three mock interview rounds for the TCS 

National Qualifier Test with your students to empower them with much-needed confidence to face the panel. 

  • Previous year Questions

Practicing from previous year’s questions is very important to crack any test. Your student will understand the type of questions he can expect. Make these practice sessions timed so that your student is prepared to answer all the questions within the stipulated time limit. Have a detailed discussion with your students on the strategies they used to answer, particularly in the coding section of the TCS NQT. Programming and coding can be done in several ways. While discussing, your students might discover a better strategy to approach a particular problem.

Final Note

As important are your teaching methods, it is equally crucial that you conduct your NQT coaching classes professionally for your student’s maximum benefit. For example, conduct their mock tests online on your exam portal. This will give your students a hands-on experience of the test-taking process.

You can get it custom built for you by Classplus. With the right outlet for preparing your students for the TCS NQT test, you are enhancing your students’ ability to score well. Besides assigning them tests, you can upload various types of content on your app for your students to follow and excel. You ensure your student’s success, and Classplus will ensure yours.

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