5 Points to know about National Testing Agency (NTA)

India’s education system is seeing some drastic changes. The HRD ministry has made some critical decisions in recent times. It has announced the replacement of the University Grants Commission or UGC with the Higher Education Commission of India. It has also been proposed that entrance examinations like NEET and JEE be held twice a year, just like the NET exam. The National Testing Agency or the NTA has been given the authority to conduct the various entrance exams all over India.

As a result, the NTA is an independent authority approved by the Indian Government. The organization conducts entrance examinations for various educational institutions. It was established in the year 2017. According to the NTA official website, the National Testing Agency is responsible for conducting multiple exams like CUET, NEET, JEE, Mains, GPAT, CMAT, and even the NTA NET exam. If you run a coaching institute for any of the prior-mentioned exams, these are the 5 important points, you should know about NTA.

What is NTA?

The NTA is an independent authority recognized by the Indian Government. NTA test is meant as an entrance examination for schools and colleges. Established in 2017, the National Testing Agency is an autonomous authority to be in charge of the different qualifying tests previously conducted by the CBSE. Its purpose is to standardize the examination process and bring transparency to the different qualifying tests. It has become the largest test-taking organization globally.

Why was it formed?

The primary objective of NTA ICAR and other NTA tests is to make the qualifying test process efficient. However, it also relieves organizations like CBSE and the AICTE from their liability for conducting entrance examinations. NTA ICAR is also now being undertaken by the National Testing Agency. Being the premier Educational Board of India, CBSE has a huge duty to manage the whole primary and secondary education system of India.

Not many are aware, that in addition to conducting board exams and managing the curriculum and categorizing syllabus of the primary and secondary education, CBSE also has an additional obligation to perform the different entrance examinations like JEE and NEET.

This makes CBSE a cumbersome organization and impacts its efficiency. The NTA test was created for the sole purpose of admission to various professional courses. Thus, it helps to cut down the liabilities of CBSE, which can now stay focused on its primary goal of school education in a better way. For example, ICAR NTA  is taken by lakhs of students across India and was previously conducted by ICAR, primarily a research organization.

What are the exams conducted by NTA?

By NTA’s official draft document available on the NTA website, different entrance examinations will be conducted twice a year unlike annual tests held previously. It is entrusted with running the various exams previously conducted by organizations like CBSE and AICTE and educational institutes like IIM and NLU.

The ICAR NTA exam, GPAT, CMAT conducted previously by AICTE, CAT conducted by IIM, CLAT conducted by NLU, NTA NET exam conducted once by UGC, and JEE conducted jointly by CBSE and JEE. The NEET are all part of the NTA test series.                             

Who are the members? 

There are many members on the board of the NTA, chaired by a prominent face of the education industry. The HRD Ministry appoints him or her. The Director-General of NTA is set directly by the Government and acts as CEO of the test-taking authority. Its Team consists of educators, researchers, experts, and administrators. Together, the team is responsible for revamping the NET exam, JEE, NEET, and other essential entrance examinations.

What are the objectives?

To assess students’ competency for admission, the NTA conducts transparent and efficient entrance tests. Additionally, it aims to establish an intense research and development culture across various aspects of the examination. It also aims to provide quality testing services to Indian colleges and universities.

If you are an educator preparing students for the different exams conducted by NTA, you must get acquainted with it by visiting the NTA website. You will get all the required information on the various examinations on the NTA official website. In conclusion, we would like to say that the NTA is a welcome step forward for the Indian education system.

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