Importance of Education Management Information System (EMIS) in Institutes

In this age of internet and automation, educational institutes have to use various software to assist them in properly managing and operating their institutions. They must opt for EMIS online, which can help them connect and automate all of their operations into a single system with access to them. An education management information system (EMIS) is a cutting-edge piece of software for educational institutes that assists them in productive and convenient management of their critical operations, serving as the spine of the modern education system

An education management information system can assist institutions in making all of their decisions faster and delivering systematic, straightforward, and efficient work. Let’s go through some of the significant points that will help you see why an education management system is valuable to your school.

The usefulness of the Education Management Information System (EMIS)

Having known what an EMIS is, let us look at the benefits it can provide to an educational institute.

  • EMIS online is software that keeps a comprehensive record of all your information in one location. EMIS serves as a repository for your data. It can also help you analyze data and provide reports to track your educational institute’s growth and success
  • Since EMIS education is highly customizable, it is advantageous for educational institutes, be it schools, colleges, or universities. 
  • Students will also have access to a virtual learning environment, which is of utmost importance in the present times of hybrid learning. Thus, the EMIS education system not only manages administrative activities but can also incorporate a learning management component.
  • If your organization has multiple branches at different places, they can be managed through the Education Management Information System (EMIS). It can collate data from all sites for better decision-making.

We now understand the importance of having EMIS software at our institutes. Let us now see how it can be of help to us.

How to use EMIS at your institute?

EMIS software provides numerous advantages to educational establishments. The education management information system is the essential tool for all management-related decision-making since it allows for all operational data in one place. Along with decision-making, the software assists with the following operational aspects too:

Parent-teacher meets 

Teachers will have the right instrument to communicate with parents about their student’s activities using EMIS online. It also allows parents to provide teachers with immediate feedback.

Fee collections

Fee collections being the primary source of income for educational institutes, software to automate fee production and collection is crucial. EMIS online sends regular reminders to parents about future fee due dates and helps collect payments through online payment gateways.


Using EMIS software, the school admission process can be simplified and automated. Along with admission, it can aid in handling inquiries that occur all year round, independent of the admission season.

Assessment management 

The examination process is automated by the EMIS online, which can schedule an online assessment and generate report cards with minimal work on the part of teachers. In addition, parents will be able to check and provide input on these automated report cards.

Students’ details 

Teachers and parents will have access to all the details about students’ information on their devices. This will include data on academic performance, attendance at the institute, fee payment, discipline, etc.

School routine management 

The EMIS education will give all schedules for running lessons and tests in various classrooms in the form of timetables. These can be printed or accessed straight from the mobile app or web dashboard to plan for the day and week.

Staff management 

Teachers and other staff’s salary and leave data are taken care of by the HR administration module included within the EMIS. This will give your team a single location to apply for leaves and view pay stubs.

School transport

The EMIS online can manage the institution’s complete transportation system. Parents will receive live alerts with information such as driver and bus information, bus times, and bus route

Learning management 

Teachers can use the EMIS education to communicate lesson plans with students and parents ahead of time and accept student assignments.

Inventory management

Schools can manage their inventory of books, uniforms, and other necessities with the help of the EMIS. With all the requisite data available, the administration can take the necessary steps to avoid delays in procurement and unnecessary accumulation.

A well-managed school requires an Education Management Information System to make the school management agile and efficient. If you are not sure about the installation and management of your EMIS software, you can get quality help from Classplus and your own app. With Classplus you can automate your school’s administration process. Good information management software will keep your educational institute ahead of the competition by giving you the advantage of advanced technology. Leverage the power of automation through your customized Education Management Information System created by Classplus to boost your school’s growth. 

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