5 Body Language For Teachers During Online Classes

Body language involves the usage of gestures, facial expressions, eye movements, and related activities other than using words to say. Body language plays a crucial role in teaching to convey things effectively. Along with phrases, body language extraordinarily helps to make teaching more thriving. In this blog, we will look at the importance of teachers’ body language in a classroom. 

Importance of body language 

Non-verbal communication is essential in our day-to-day life. It effectively describes what we think and feels to the other individual. In a classroom, a teacher should use non-verbal communication to motivate, encourage and inspire their students. Avoid negative body language gestures like avoiding eye contact, gazing somewhere, slouching, etc., as they may make you look disinterested.

A positive body language conveys that you are confident and approachable, making your students feel comfortable speaking to you. Here are the top 5 tips for positive body language in your classroom. 

Smiling is key

Smiling is one of the significant non-verbal gestures that can immediately make the other person feel comfortable talking to us. A person with a warm smile will look more approachable and friendly than someone who doesn’t smile often. For example, if a teacher welcomes their students with a loving smile, the students will feel that their teacher is amicable, and they will be more comfortable with their teacher. Likewise, smiling to your students while talking to them or teaching will make them feel valued, and eventually, they will listen to your words without fail. 

Maintaining eye contact 

Every person in this world expects to maintain proper eye contact while speaking to them. If you are a teacher who wants your students to pay close attention to your words, you must maintain appropriate eye contact with them. Attempt to look into every student’s eye while teaching for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This makes them more attentive and listens to you without getting distracted.

Maintaining eye contact with every student will make them feel that you are speaking directly to every individual student. In online teaching, maintaining proper eye contact may seem challenging at first. However, looking straight into the camera will make your students feel you are looking into their eyes and teaching. 

Use your hands often 

People trust us more when we use our hands more while talking. They will be more interested in speaking with us when we use hand gestures often. Likewise, your students will be more attentive when you use your hand gestures while teaching a concept. Simply putting your hands on a desk and teaching will make your teaching look more like storytelling. Be it offline or online classroom, don’t forget to use hand gestures while teaching. 

Expressions play a vital role

No one will be interested in communicating with us if we always show the same expression on our faces. Non-verbal expressiveness is crucial for a teacher to convey different things in different tones. Students will be more interested in listening to your lecture when you show different modulations in voice and various expressions on your face.

This kind of body language helps you to teach even the boring concepts so exciting, especially while teaching in online classes. Adopt appropriate body language while teaching, and you will notice the gradual improvement in their performance. 

Impressive body language 

Apart from the points mentioned above, you can use other gestures to make your body language more impressive. Instead of standing at the same place or slouching on a desk, stand up straight or give a slow and brisk walk while teaching. Always keep your chin and head up to give a confident look. Maintain an open posture and be relaxed whenever you enter a classroom.

Walking while teaching helps to check with every student and gives a feel that you are addressing every student in your classroom. Keep your hands open while teaching, showing your willingness to teach your students. The more confident your body language is, the more students will attentively listen to you.

To sum up 

Communication is much more than using words to convey. Everything will count in maintaining a confident body language, how you stand, how you walk, and how interactively you use hands. Maintain proper body language along with verbal communication to make your teaching more effective for your students. 

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