5 Apps and Tools to Teach Online

The constant advancement in technology has been a boon to us in diverse ways from the emergence of the pandemic period. It has many extraordinary advantages. In the educational segment, schools are using technologies more than ever before, and teachers have also changed the way of learning as needed and started to teach online. They can download apps and use tools to teach online specially designed for educational purposes. Many free-charge apps can be downloaded on devices for online classes. In addition, there are many apps and tools in the online stores like App Store or Google Play that teachers can use for their virtual classes. 

Best Categories of Tools to Teach Online

In the transformative year of the pandemic, everything in the educational field has been changed. Since then, educators have tested and used the tools until they found their favorite to use in a virtual classroom. Here are some of the tools used worldwide to enrich the online class experience. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the most accessible and versatile tool for teachers to teach online and for students to learn online. Teachers can create the question papers and quizzes and upload documents. The teachers will need a G Suite for an educational account to use Google Classroom. All classroom contents can be created, and lesson materials can be prepared through this tool. It can be easily integrated through Google Meet and a new version of Google Hangout. 

As people are accustomed to using Google products regularly, Google Classroom is easy to use for anyone. Teachers can also convey this to students and parents through email and boards. 

Zoom: The Ultimate Teach Online Tool

Zoom is used for business purposes and online courses. Throughout the pandemic period and at present virtual classes, Zoom has been one of the primary sources of meetings and a popular tool for teachers and institutions. In addition, teachers can use Zoom for a more significant number of students. It has video conferencing, quick access, meeting schedule option, background customization, etc. 

The practical features of Zoom meetings are easy to use for the teachers. A feature like scheduling meetings at a time for larger batches or a ‘breakout room’ in which teachers can separate students into different groups, whether it is for college courses or online classes, just like classrooms, is beneficial. The seamless integration formula of Zoom has made this tool quite popular and available to everyone. 


The  online learning environment is a perfect solution for teachers here. Teachers can use the virtual board much like the digital board. Importing PDFs and PowerPoints is straightforward through AWW. It is a touch-friendly whiteboard that makes sharing, drawing, and collaboration easy like a breeze. 

Board work is essential in learning, and if that comes with the virtual and digital features, it becomes a boon for the instructors and the students. The lessons can be pre-created before or during the class, and the students can also join the board. Teachers enjoy this feature as they can show how something is done and explain the process to the students. 


It is an intricate and multi-dimensional problem that not every child has the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in life. EkStep addresses this challenge on a larger scale by curating social platform thinking and creating a great digital platform. 

It is cooperative open learning where teachers can create and publish interactive lessons for their students. The measurement of the student’s learning outcomes can be done through this tool. In addition, the students can learn from the educational videos available through EkStep. 


StoryBird is a digital platform that comes with creativity and an artistic approach. It is a virtual classroom that boosts the students’ experience through interactive learning materials and simple yet impressive web applications. Teachers can upload projects and worksheets for the students and get constant feedback on their learning outcomes. 

StoryBird is a simple and beneficial tool for the most novice internet user. It is highly effective to balance learning stylishly and creatively. Teachers can easily use this tool as it has easy to understand how-to-guidelines. The most creative part of this virtual classroom is that students can compose their stories and improve their skill levels.

The Final Word

Today, with confidence, many teachers across the globe think that the virtual classroom is a beautiful way to collaborate universally. Nowadays, these excellent e-learning tools are working; they have taken an important place in the lives of students and teachers. There remains no barrier between time and space between the teachers and the students, and they stay well-connected even in tough times like pandemics. The potential positive results of the e-learning industry are making a way to create better and more handful options. 

Many enthusiasts are trying to bring more and more exclusive advantages to the learning space of the students and the educators. Classplus is creating a transformation by empowering educationists with digital tools and resources, making them perfect for the future learning experience. The coaching business can grow ten times by using your own app

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