10 Must Use Education technology For Teachers

The entire idea of education has been transformed by technology. Children are still connected to technology even when they are not in school. Have you ever considered using technology in the classroom? Higher levels of education are possible if you incorporate educational technology in your classrooms. Be the educator that your students always desire. Technology can be used by teachers teaching students to improve interactive learning environments. It is a fact that 80% of computer users only understand 20% of what a computer is capable of. So, the use of educational technology should be mastered by every teacher. Here are the top 10 educational technology a teacher should not ignore.


Planning is crucial for every academic year. The right plan can make things much easier and less stressful. Making wise plans is made easier with the help of Planboard. Planboard makes it simple to view and plan the academic year. Each class’s items can be added very quickly and easily. You can get a summary of the weekly schedules by pressing the week button. Additionally, the system provides a means for teachers worldwide to collaborate. You can look up public lesson plans using exact standard codes or keywords.

Edmodo – best educational technology tool

Edmodo is also known as the social learning platform. The website is accessible to teachers, students, and parents. It is understood and marketed as the “Facebook for Schools.” You can use this website to give students sign-up codes that can be later deactivated after all students have signed up. Students can share the code with their parents to keep an eye on their children’s activities. No one can enter the classroom uninvited.

Timetable management software

Timetable management is a major headache for schools at the start of a new academic year. There could be problems like assigning two teachers to the same class or having a teacher teach two courses at once. When handled manually, such issues might take hours of careful work to resolve. But when there is excellent software available to assist you, why would you choose to manage your schedule manually? Schools can save time and confusion by implementing this simple timetable management software.


This is an excellent marketplace for teachers online. This website enables you to sell other teachers your original lesson plans and other course materials. They are also free to share. On the website, you can make good money. Teachers frequently have access to the most important and relevant educational resources. A strong community can be created by bringing educators together. The availability and quality are advantageous to students.

Prezi – a presentation software educational technology tool

Prezi is presentation software. On a digital canvas, ideas can be displayed. Users can zoom in and out of their presentation using the zooming user interface and view and navigate through information using media.

Here you can freely create presentations with your coworkers from anywhere and surprise your audience by zooming through your story. You can also use images and videos to improve presentations and visually demonstrate how concepts relate to one another. 


Over 600000 people use the educational toolbox like Creaza worldwide. It helps in the creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom. The website offers technology for making movies, cartoons, mind maps, presentations, soundscapes, and much more. Some of its features are:

  • More than 500 curriculum-based exercises
  • 30 built-in themes along with content
  • 9 languages
  • Online toolbox
  • No installation needed


You can send screenshots and quick videos of the computer screen through this educational technology tool known as Jing. Jing gives users the ability to share and add simple visual elements quickly. The website is practical for use at home, work, and play. Jing easily captures what you see and what you do. Quick and easy sharing is available, and it eliminates all the confusion. 


Using Educreations is easy, effective, and enjoyable. With annotation, animation, and narration, you can explain any concept with any content. Teachers can make quick instructional videos and share them with students right away. The freedom to import files from Photo Library, Dropbox, and Google Drive is made possible by Educreations.

Videos can be sent via email, posted to YouTube, Edmodo, and Twitter, and shared with other Educreations users. All completed videos are automatically saved to your Educreations account. The videos can also be shared with others and are instantly available for online viewing. 

Google earth

Google Earth can be an incredibly effective teaching tool and educational technology tool because it has an extensive, visually appealing database of satellite imagery and 3D models. Instead of relying solely on text knowledge, students’ interest in learning can be increased by visiting historical sites. 

Things become transparent and clear with a deeper understanding of the subject.

For geography classes, Google Earth is helpful. Google Earth can be a fantastic and quick way to show students anywhere in the world for geography projects or to learn about geological processes.


A personalized media platform called Pinterest provides visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tools. Users of Pinterest can upload, save, sort, and manage images, also known as pins, and other media content, such as videos, through collections known as pin boards. They can also create and share collections of visual bookmarks. Many teachers use Pinterest to gather excellent lesson plans and projects.

You should use educational technology to advance your teaching method and keep your students engaged in their studies. Encourage their thirst for knowledge by using technology. If you want more information on the educational technologies a teacher should not ignore, you can get help from Classplus.

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