10 Classroom Storage Ideas for Teachers

For the teacher, a classroom is chaotic, where students are constantly coming in and out. As such, it’s easy for desks and chairs to get stacked over time. A messy, cluttered environment ultimately leads to inefficiency and a poorly run class. This can lead to new challenges as a teacher struggles to find places for everything in the classroom. This article will help you to learn about classroom storage ideas and make it a place that is easy to navigate and gives your students the best possible learning experience. Here are 10 Classroom Storage Ideas for Teachers.

1. Show Your Personality

Your classroom is your space and you need to make it suit your personality. Concentrating on the details can make a big impact with little effort. For example, try using a magnetic board with colorful pictures. These boards will encourage children to imagine themselves in scenarios from books and stories as they work through their writing assignments. You could also find cheap bulletin boards for bonus creativity points! 

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2. Eliminate Clutter

One of the best ways to organize the classroom storage is to remove unnecessary clutter. This could include old confiscated books, items that parents have brought in, and other items. In the process of getting rid of these items, you can add more space to your classroom by removing them! One great way to display new things is on a large wall. Your students can see all the available items while they are working on their lessons all at once.

3. Create a Set of Vertical Storage

As your students begin to write their essays, they will need supplies such as pens, pencils and highlighters. By creating individual desk draws for each student to use, you can help children avoid the chaos that can result from invading someone else’s space. This will also help them improve their organization skills while they are writing. 

4. Create a Space for Books

Children often try to read as much as they can when they are young. As a result, books can accumulate on the floor and in other spaces in your classroom. To rectify this, create a shelf system where you can store all the extra books. This will free up valuable floor space so you can use it for teaching activities instead.

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5. Create a Cables Storage System in Your Classroom Storage

When children learn to write, it’s incredibly important to have the right supplies at their fingertips. However, these supplies easily get lost and taken out of their designated places as they move around your classroom daily. To maintain order, create a cable storage system that includes only the cords you need daily. This will help you avoid losing the important stuff to make it easier for your students to sit down and focus on their work.

6. Plan Out Your Pockets

One of the best ways teachers can keep track of what their students have with them is by creating pockets in their desks. To do this, simply place a single pocket in the front and back of the desk. Then, organize them according to different subjects so they are easy to find when needed. By using these pockets consistently, you can keep track of your kids’ items quickly and efficiently!

7. Use Magnetic Boards in Classroom Storage

With less material to store, you can use magnetic boards to help organize and display more items in your classroom. These boards are great at displaying pictures, especially in conjunction with a semi-circle bulletin board. This will add visual appeal as well as storage capabilities to your classroom!

8. Hide the Clutter Behind Your Shelves

Many teachers use a shelf system in their classrooms similar to what they would have in their homes. To do this, you simply need to hide all of the clutter behind your shelves. This will free up valuable floor space that you can use for other teaching needs or for students who need extra help with different topics.

9. Use Storage Containers

The best way to ensure that the classroom is getting the storage space it needs is to use storage containers. These containers can be used to store extra materials, supplies, and items your students create during their lessons. In addition, by keeping all of these items visible, you will make it easier for the children to track what they need to do and how long they have left before a break.

10. Use a Bulletin Board

The bulletin board should be one of the first things you go for when creating your classroom. This is because it’s such an important surface for showing off all of your work and making sure that other people see it. One great tip is to place a corkboard or magnetic board on the wall so that you can showcase different items throughout the year. Examples include student essays, art assignments, and promos from different businesses and organizations.


Whether you are a teacher, parent, or someone who lives in your classroom and looks after the cleaning or organizing for you, these tips will make a huge difference. Try out some of this amazing collection of ideas and watch your classroom come to life! Clear out the clutter and be ready for the new kids headed to school this year!

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